Continuous Campaign Analytics

Mailgun just released its Continuous Campaign Analytics. Read more to learn about the beginning of Mailgun's A/B testing support....



You're looking at a baby blog post! This came out way back in 2011. For updated analytics or A/B testing, check out the appropriate pages.

Good news everyone!

Mailgun just released its Continuous Campaign Analytics. Now you can tag any set of emails and get analytics on those ids/campaigns for open rates, click-through rates, spam complaints, and bounces. You should notice some new tabs in your Control Panel with this new data. We call them Continuous Campaigns because they allow you to apply bulk mail style analytics to all of your transactional mail on a continual basis. No need to pay per recipient anymore.

Let us know what you think. We’re always open slicing and dicing the data in interesting ways.

Hat tip to Mixpanel…they did a lot of the hard work here.

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