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Mailgun Optimize x Salesforce: The key to a stronger email deliverability

Email deliverability has always been hard. Now, with Mailgun Optimize’s new Salesforce integration, it’s about to get easier. Learn how you can easily access the industry’s most powerful deliverability tools through Salesforce.



Email has been around for decades, and it’s arguably the hallmark channel for a good marketing program. But despite its pedigree and popularity, email is still pretty difficult to get right. Even if you’re sending campaigns through an enterprise-grade platform like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, there are many factors that can impact your ability to hit your customer’s inbox: poor sending reputation, inactive email addresses, surprise blocklists, etc.

At Mailgun, we know how important email deliverability is. Back in February, we announced the launch of Mailgun Optimize, a suite of the industry’s most powerful deliverability products, to help senders manage their email deliverability and reach new heights with their email program.

Now, we’re making Mailgun Optimize even more accessible for email teams everywhere with the launch of a new Salesforce integration for email deliverability.

Solving tough problems 

Email marketers and deliverability experts are constantly looking for the best way to manage their deliverability and improve their inbox placement.

That’s why we created Mailgun Optimize, a suite of products that offers straightforward and clear data for email marketers trying to improve their email deliverability. And now, Mailgun Optimize’s new email deliverability integration is available for Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers to help solve those exact issues. No more digging through mounds of data to find insights – Mailgun Optimize serves them up to you in a clear analytics dashboard. From maintaining clean mailing lists to testing emails to monitoring your sender reputation, Mailgun Optimize has got you covered.  

Your complete deliverability toolbox

We know that email deliverability problems are extremely common. In fact, an estimated 21% of marketing messages never reach their intended target’s inbox. There’s way more to hitting the inbox than just hitting “send”. Mailgun Optimize gives users a few different tools to dig into those email deliverability problems when they occur, including tools you can use to improve email deliverability before you send.

  • Inbox Placement testing allows marketers to use seedlist testing to see if their emails are reaching the inbox and which tab. Users will know where their campaigns are headed and will be able to identify and correct any deliverability issues before major campaigns are sent.

  • Email Previews empower marketers to view their campaigns among different email clients and devices before they hit send. Users can use Email Previews to check important elements like subject lines and catch broken formatting and other technical issues on the recipient’s end. 

  • Email validation helps clean up contact lists and validates new email addresses when they are first captured at signup. This has the potential to lower bounce rates by 20%, boosting the results of your campaigns while improving the ROI of your email program.

  • Blocklist monitoring provides users the ability to monitor key blocklists and address potential issues to avoid having messages blocked from reaching their targets’ inboxes.With Mailgun Optimize, marketers can track their IPs across a curated list of blocklist providers to spot and address problems in real-time. 

  • Spam trap monitoring gives users invaluable insight to help understand the quality of their email lists so they can protect their reputation and profits.Sending to "spam traps" can destroy your sending reputation, but senders can leverage Mailgun Optimize to run their list through our verification tool, which will remove fake or spammy email aliases. 

Fully integrated with Salesforce

We know nothing is more annoying than having to navigate between multiple tools when creating a campaign. We want you to be able to work quickly and efficiently, which is why we’ve taken steps to create an enhanced integration with Salesforce.

Mailgun Optimize is a welcome addition to AppExchange, as it provides the deliverability features and deep analytics to help marketers optimize their email campaigns. AppExchange is constantly evolving to connect customers with the right apps and experts for their business needs.

Woodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange

With Mailgun Optimize, Salesforce Marketing Cloud users can quickly run Inbox Placement tests simply by checking a box or seamlessly use our email validation tool to keep their contact lists clean and healthy. 

Act quickly with clear insights

Have you ever heard of decision paralysis? It’s the feeling you get when you’re given so much information about a problem. You overanalyze to the point where a decision cannot be made. 

That’s how many users feel when looking at many other email deliverability tools on the market – they are inundated with so much data that it’s hard for them to know what actions to take.

Unlike other solutions, Mailgun Optimize’s analytics are streamlined and to-the-point, so you can avoid data overload and work more efficiently. But that doesn’t mean Mailgun Optimize is missing any analytics you might want. It means all of our email verification, seed testing, email previews, blocklist monitoring, and spam trap monitoring insights are offered in a clear and effective way so you can easily find everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Get started today

Can’t wait to take your email strategy to the next level? Check out Mailgun Optimize’s deliverability solution for Marketing Cloud in the Salesforce AppExchange. Simply click here to view the listing and add Mailgun Optimize to your account.

If you have any questions about Mailgun Optimize or email deliverability, we’d love to help. Just reach out and one of our experts will be in touch.

Unmatched email deliverability

Mailgun Optimize Deliverability Suite

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