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Mailgun Optimize: Introducing the best way to improve email deliverability

15% of emails never reach the inbox. Complete your email testing and mailing list management with Mailgun Optimize’s super-fast, GDPR-compliant deliverability features.



No matter how good an email design looks, how compelling the copy reads, or how perfectly a campaign renders across email clients... none of it matters if your messages aren’t delivered.

Finding a way to improve email deliverability is part science and part mysterious art.

Here at Sinch Email on Acid, we’ve made it our mission to help you overcome email marketing challenges and deliver perfection to every subscriber on your list. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about a new offering.

Mailgun Optimize by Sinch is a suite of deliverability tools and services that help take the complexity out of email deliverability. That means more of your awesome emails will make it to the inboxes of people you want to reach.

Why trust Mailgun Optimize to improve email deliverability?

Mailgun Optimize comes from the email deliverability experts over at our sister company, Sinch Mailgun.

Since 2010, Mailgun has been changing the way businesses send email with innovative technology and reliable infrastructure. Today, Mailgun sends more than 450 billion emails annually for businesses around the world.

Senders using Mailgun already enjoy a delivery rate of better than 97%. That blows the average delivery rate of 85% out of the water. Typically, a delivery rate of 95% is the aspirational goal. Point being... Mailgun knows its stuff.

In recent years, Mailgun noticed that many brands are looking for solutions to help boost email campaign performance. So, Mailgun’s engineers went to work. Mailgun Optimize is built on the industry-leading Mailgun infrastructure that customers know and love.

The email deliverability apps and services from Mailgun Optimize bring it all together in one place.

And here’s the thing...

You can take advantage of Mailgun Optimize no matter what platform you're using for an email service provider (ESP).

Email deliverability solutions from Mailgun Optimize

As the email landscape continues to transform, getting your email to the inbox becomes infinitely more difficult. Mailgun Optimize offers you the ability to proactively monitor, manage, and optimize your program and your strategy with a powerful suite of email deliverability solutions.

These tools are designed to help ensure successful campaign results each and every time you hit send.  With Mailgun Optimize, you can:

  • Quickly clean up your email list to reduce bounce rates and maximize your email’s reach.

  • Ensure that every new email address you add to your mailing list is a real one.

  • Seed test your emails to ensure they’ll land in the inbox and not the spam folder.

  • See exactly where they’ll land in Gmail and other mailboxes with tabs.

  • Preview your emails across all of the most popular devices and clients.

  • Monitor IP blocklists so you can take action immediately if you’re listed.

  • Work with the best strategists in the email industry to create an email strategy custom-tailored to your business needs.

  • Maintain 100% GDPR compliance.

  • Identify and avoid spam traps in your email lists.

  • And a lot more – we’re bringing you more great features soon!

Get ready for new levels of email marketing success

Managing a successful email program requires the ability to easily monitor results, collect feedback from contacts, and take action to continuously optimize performance over time.

That means you need easy access to actionable data and industry expertise to make sense of the ever-changing email world.

Unlike other deliverability platforms out there, Mailgun Optimize is built on Mailgun's infrastructure, which means you get data, tooling, and expertise that comes from the 450B emails sent annually from the platform every year. So, what does that actually mean?

  • Email verifications that use real-world send data rather than broken SMTP handshakes for faster, more reliable results

  • Spam trap and blocklist monitoring based on the most prominent traps and lists in the industry today

  • Placement testing that provides accurate results about where your email will land

  • And the option to work with deliverability experts who’ve spent decades helping customers build high-performance email programs

Here’s what this industry leading-technology and expertise can help you achieve:

Curious about what other email testing tools you should be looking at? Learn more in this Email on Acid post covering different types of testing tools and how they can help your deliverability.

Increase the ROI of your email campaigns

Sending great email campaigns is all about testing, tracking, and optimizing. Every open and click translates to money for your business. email validations and email testing tools (like Email Previews and Inbox Placement) help you send error-free emails to increase open rates, avoid the spam folder, and continue to improve on every campaign you send.

Protect your sender reputation, stay connected to your customers

Building an outstanding sending reputation is no easy task. You’ve worked hard to gain your subscribers’ trust and build good, reliable mailing lists. Blocklist and Spam Trap monitoring helps you act quickly and decisively to protect your sender reputation before it causes major disruption to your email program and business.

Statistics monitoring third-party domain and IP reputation, spam rate, and delivery rate data.

Optimize your data for better decision-making

As one of the industry’s leading ESPs, we’ve developed best-in-class internal spam monitoring systems that identify spammers and prevent them from abusing the platform. We leverage those same technologies and protocols to help our customers avoid the spam folder. In addition, when you pair sending and deliverability under one roof, all your sending and delivery data is in one, easy-to-manage interface, making analysis and optimization even easier.

Create an email strategy that’s tailored to your business

Mailgun Optimize Deliverability Services are available to pair you with a dedicated email expert who will guide you at every step of the way. Your assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM) will help you formulate an email strategy custom-tailored to your business’s unique needs. With proactive monitoring and regular reports, you can rest assured that your email program is in good hands.

Create an email strategy that’s tailored to your business

Mailgun Optimize Deliverability Services pairs you with a dedicated email expert to guide you at every step of the way. Your assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM) will help you formulate an email strategy custom-tailored to your business’s unique needs. With proactive monitoring and regular reports, you can rest assured that your email program is in good hands.

Report containing inbox, missed, and spam metrics.

The power of Mailgun Optimize with Mailgun

Mailgun Optimize includes essential email client previews capabilities that, when used with Mailgun’s powerful API, allows you to take full control over your email program and your deliverability.

For example, with Mailgun Optimize you get access to advanced deliverability tools like email verifications and inbox placement testing, and deliverability monitoring, which take your email program one step further and ensure your emails are landing in the inbox on time, every time. Check out plans and pricing to learn more.

Add in Mailgun’s powerful sending infrastructure to the equation and now you’ve got a combo designed to deliver email perfection that goes straight to the inbox (and not the spam folder).

We can’t wait to see what you’ll do with these new deliverability features and industry-leading support.

So... are you ready to reach your customers and prospects with Mailgun Optimize? Talk to a strategist today and find out what you can accomplish with the world’s best email deliverability platform.

Unmatched email deliverability

Mailgun Optimize Deliverability Suite

Land your emails in the inbox and connect with real people – your customers. Mailgun Optimize deliverability apps and services give you the data and the resources you need to build a winning email program.

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