Herculean infrastructure built for power and speed

Email is a critical component of any business. Mailgun has you covered with 99.99% server uptime and constantly evolving email processing speeds, so you’re never stuck in a bottleneck on the way to the inbox.

Power at scale

For high-volume senders, our Rapid Fire and Delivery SLAs guarantee space within the message queue for optimal delivery speeds to all inbox service providers. Send in bursts at specific times or get high-volume messages out to your recipients around the clock. No matter how you send email, our SLAs got you covered:

  • Rapid Fire Throughput SLA: Up to 72 million message requests an hour (1.2 million requests a minute).

  • Rapid Fire Delivery SLA: Guaranteed 99% attempted delivery of up to 15 million messages within the first five minutes of sending.

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Built for dependability

With Mailgun, your emails are supported by a robust cloud architecture maintained around the clock by our engineering team to ensure swift and secure delivery to mailboxes. Our infrastructure is built to scale reliably, sending over 300 billion emails every year with 99.99% server uptime. If anything ever happens, we update our status page regularly to keep our senders informed in real-time.

Security that protects everyone

Great email sending starts with top-notch security, and our commitment to your data privacy goes beyond simple encryption. At Mailgun, we believe data privacy and security protect not only your recipients but your business as well. With that in mind, we’ve partnered with an industry-leading cloud server provider and maintain full SOC I & II, GDPR, and HIPAA compliances to protect our customers and recipients from bad actors.

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