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Inbox Placement Testing

Catch deliverability issues before they impact your business. Get proactive insight into which folder your email will land in to ensure optimal inbox placement every time you hit send.

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Industry-leading inbox placement testing

See where your emails will land – before you hit send

Once you hit send, do you know where your emails land? How many went to the spam folder? How many went to the inbox? Did some land in the promotions or social tab? Don’t leave it to chance!

With inbox placement testing you can proactively test where your emails will land at major mailbox providers before you send.

Actionable insight

Identify and fix deliverability issues

Identifying a spam issue is only half the battle, knowing why your emails are landing in the spam folder is just as important. Does a subject line need to be rewritten? Is SPF or DKIM misconfigured?

Inbox placement testing helps you identify and diagnose a wide variety of deliverability issues, so you're not left combing through a list of hundreds of possibilities. From detailed header analysis for each mailbox provider to a unique SpamAssassin content score, you get a deep understanding of why your emails landed in spam so you know exactly what to fix.

A graphic illustration of the inbox placement UI from Mailgun.
Illustration showing an inbox being filtered by SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Email authentication

Ensure proper email authentication

Setting up proper email authentication is an essential part of managing a secure, high-performing email program. No matter if you're a first-timer or seasoned vet, it can be hard to get visibility into the status of your authentication.

Use inbox placement testing to see if you have configured DKIM, SPF, and DMARC correctly with insight into the pass/fail status of your email at the aggregate level as well as the mailbox provider level.

Comprehensive testing

Access the data you need to iterate and optimize

Not all mailboxes are created equal. Different spam filters mean vastly different inbox placement for the same email. With inbox placement testing it's easy to identify gaps in your sending across various mailbox providers.

Our seed lists are comprehensive, so you can trust that you’ll get a detailed look into email performance across a diverse list of global mailbox providers.

Illustration of an inbox with primary, social, and promotion tabs to filter email.
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All-in-one email delivery

Unified platform – simplified experience

With other email service providers, you have to use their tool for sending and a third-party provider for seed testing. If you use Mailgun Send and Mailgun Optimize together, you have a one-stop-shop for your sending and your email deliverability tools like email address verifications, email previews, reputation monitoring and more.

Save time and money while simplifying and improving your email program with our comprehensive suite of sending and deliverability products.

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