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Easily integrate email sending into your app

Through our API or control panel, you’ll always know exactly what has happened to every one of your emails.

Your email, delivered

We don’t just send email, we deliver it. Our software automatically manages the delivery process to give your emails the best chance of landing in the inbox. And if something happens that keep your messages from being delivered, we’ll tell you.

Illustration of an inbox with primary, social, and promotion tabs to filter email.
A graphic illustration of Mail Gnome, the Mailgun mascot.

Send email for yourself, your customers, or both

Each domain within Mailgun is an isolated sub-account with its own sending queue and reputation. That means that your transactional emails won’t get stuck behind your newsletters. It also means you can effectively manage thousands of your own customers all within a single Mailgun account. Is one of your customers spamming? We can disable their domain without affecting your good customers.

Batch sending

With a single API call, you can send up to 1000 fully personalized emails. Mailgun will properly assemble the MIME message and send the email to each of your users individually. That makes sending large volumes of email a lot faster and a lot less resource intensive.

Three email icons lined up diagonally.
An email from Vidaloka that is personalized


Your users are unique and their emails should be too. With Recipient Variables, you can easily personalize all your emails for each user. First name, order value, and other common fields are easy to add to all your Mailgun emails. You can even use different templates for each user using recipient variables too!

You can also personalize the entire look of the email by including image urls with your Recipient Variables.

Other great features of Mailgun sending

  1. Scheduled Delivery

  2. Test Mode

  3. SMTP or RESTful API

  4. Custom meta-data

  5. ESP feedback handling

  6. Dedicated IP addresses

  7. Customized DKIM & SPF

  8. Detailed Logs & Analytics

  9. Spam complaint handling

  10. Bounce Handling

  11. A/B testing using tags

See what you can accomplish with the world's best email delivery platform

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