Send better email marketing campaigns

Where do you start when you want to build a relationship with your customers? The inbox.

We’ve been sending emails since the 1970s, but email marketing doesn’t have to be trapped in the dial-up era. Accelerate your email campaign capabilities with a flexible, easy-to-use solution with an advanced drag-and-drop email editor like Mailjet.

Looking for an API-based email solution? Mailgun powers some of the world's leading platforms like Lyft, Shopify, and the NHL.

What is email marketing, anyway?

It’s a conversation. Promote your products. Sell your services. Tell a story. Connect with your audience.

All through email.

From an organization to a mailing list of customers, prospects, or partners, marketing emails serve as one-to-many communication. It’s one of the most cost-effective digital marketing techniques to reach, engage, and retain customers and no other marketing channel gets you so up-close and personal. With an ROI of 42:1, the real question is, how can you make email marketing work for you?

Of course, that requires sending the right email to the right people at the right time. Email marketing services can help you send effective email marketing campaigns and ensure successful email delivery.

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What are the types of email marketing campaigns?

Every day, subscribers receive hundreds of different emails from organizations. Each type of email marketing accomplishes different objectives:

  • Email newsletters bring together thought leadership and storytelling to build trust. Blog emails promote top-of-funnel content to encourage web traffic.

  • Welcome emails give the best first impression to new subscribers.

  • Promotional emails advertise special offers or discounts to drive purchases.

  • Product announcements launch new products or services for ecommerce or your online store.

  • Nurture emails invite additional engagement with a brand, such as webinar invitations, VIP events, gated content offers on specific landing pages, and more.

  • Transactional emails manage the nuts and bolts of a sale, such as an automatic invoice, receipt, or credit card notice.

  • Retention emails ask for renewal or provide recommendations on additional products or services.

Email marketing can be whatever you want it to be – it’s all about getting your current audience to know and trust your brand.

Mailgun and Mailjet's suite of solutions is designed to help large and small businesses optimize their email automation with deliverability tools and reputation-focused products that meet your email marketing goals.

What metrics measure the success of your email marketing strategy?

What defines a successful email marketing program? How relevant your email campaigns are to subscribers. Whether you’re emailing ten people or ten million people, you need to know how you’re performing to improve as an email marketer.

Measure your email marketing campaigns through the following marketing metrics:

  • Open rates show how many subscribers opened your email.

  • Click-through rates measure how many recipients engage with your email.

  • Bounce rates represent how many emails didn’t make it to a subscriber’s inbox.

  • Spam complaint rates refer to when a subscriber marks your email as spam. Mailjet and Mailgun track your email marketing performance in real-time so you always know how your email campaigns stack up.

  • Conversion rates measure how many of your subscribers become your customers.

Unsubscribe raterefers to how many of your subscribers unsubscribe. This metric measures customer loyalty and the health of your email marketing campaign.

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5 top email marketing strategies for your campaigns

So, how do you know which kind of email to send when? And what should it say?

Improving your email marketing campaigns involves many moving parts, including reliable email list management, robust deliverability practices, and of course, the responsive email design and the content itself.

Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. Try these five tried-and-true email marketing strategies.

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The best email marketing is targeted and personalized

Hi, <First Name> is just the beginning.

You wouldn’t post the same message to every social media account. So don’t send the same email to your entire email list. Targeted emails show your subscribers you care about them – and that you’re worth listening to. Segment your email lists based on:

  • What landing pages they’ve visited

  • Which content marketing efforts they’ve responded to

  • Current customers or past customers

  • Whether or not they’ve contacted customer service before

  • Email signup form preferences

Mailjet’s email marketing solution includes a number of recipient variables that you can integrate into your email templates to achieve a highly personalized experience for your recipients.


Build a positive reputation by keeping your email list squeaky clean

You can have the best email content, the coolest subject line, and the most exciting promotional offer in the world. But if your email deliverability isn’t ready for primetime, then no one will ever read it. Managing your deliverability requires a strong email list – and with regulations like GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and more, you’ll want to make sure you’ve done your due diligence with each marketing contact and unsubscribe.

By putting proper email list cleaning protocols in place with an email checker, you can achieve better deliverability and improve your email performance. Mailjet verifies each email address, so you know you’re sending to a real person and that they’ve opted in to receive your emails.

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Discover what resonates with your audience with A/B testing

When in doubt? Test it out.

Even the best email marketers need data to know how they’re performing. Increasing open rates, click-through rates, conversion, and more requires testing. Some ideas to get you started:

  • See which subject line drives email opens.

  • Try different email templates to measure engagement.

  • Test which CTA button colors (or no CTA at all!) increases sales.

When A/B testing, Mailjet’s email service offers up to ten different versions of your email campaigns, so you can see which has the best email marketing result.

Using Mailjet's Inbox Preview, you can also see exactly how your email is going to display in popular email clients like Gmail or Apple Mail, including on mobile devices.


Send your email marketing campaigns at the perfect time

Get the timing and frequency right.

Effective email marketing strikes a delicate balance to stay top-of-mind with an audience. You don’t want to send too many emails – or emails that stay unread at the bottom of an inbox.

Each contact's behavior is unique, so why treat them all the same? Mailgun’s Send Time Optimization delivers each email to your customer when it's the perfect time for them, based on that specific user's previous engagement with other Mailgun emails. Never guess again, whether you’re sending to Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or another inbox provider.

Alternatively, Mailjet's email analytics can help you find patterns when it comes to opens and clicks so you can determine the optimal day, time, and frequency for your messaging.

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Put yourself in your email subscriber’s shoes

Why should someone open your email?

From the moment they opt in to receiving your emails, you have an opportunity to impress your subscribers. Limiting your email marketing efforts to bottom-of-the-funnel promotions only tires out your audience. Mix and match your email marketing to create a conversation that provides valuable information at all stages of the funnel.

Great emails add value to your subscribers in some way. Whether that’s an email newsletter full of helpful tips and resources or an invitation to an exciting event, you need to earn your subscriber’s trust in you before you can ask them for their customer loyalty.

Find an email marketing service that’s right for you

From email templates to A/B testing to advanced analytics that examine open rates and other metrics, email service providers (ESPs) create behind-the-scenes magic so your recipients not only receive messages but also look forward to reading them.

When you’re looking for a platform to send marketing emails, there are some features you can’t live without the following:

Email marketing automation

Save time by automating regularly scheduled emails like your welcome emails, abandoned cart, autoresponders, follow-ups, and more.

Email list segmentation

Send different emails to different parts of your audience based on what they care about - and how you can best serve them.

A/B testing and analytics

Understand how your email campaigns are performing and optimize them for more opens, clicks, and engagement.

Try Mailjet

Mailjet offers the ideal email solution for email marketing teams with their no-code solution – that’s right, no HTML required! The drag-and-drop editor is the most advanced on the market, with unique features like Real-Time Collaboration with your colleagues and Comments right inside the email builder.

If you need to create beautiful emails effortlessly and send bulk messages with high deliverability, Mailjet’s email marketing solution is a perfect fit for you.

Try Mailjet’s email marketing software

Additional email marketing tools and support you’ll get when you sign up for Mailjet include:

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Our technology can handle your email marketing needs, whether that’s ten emails or ten million. Even better, you can separate each type of email (email newsletters, transactional emails, etc.) by domain and IP address to build a positive reputation for better deliverability.


From the look of your emails to the content they contain, Mailjet’s Recipient Variables and Dynamic Content help you personalize email campaigns for each user segment and individual.

Email support

Every Mailgun and Mailjet customer can contact our dedicated customer service team for onboarding help, questions, troubleshooting, and more. You can also ask about other support options, including an online help center library, calling phone support, starting a live chat, or submitting a support ticket.


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