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Email marketing with technical backbone

From an organization to a mailing list of customers and prospects, marketing emails are one of the oldest and best one-to-many communication methods to date:

  • The most-cost effective digital marketing technique to reach, engage, and keep customers

  • Incredibly high ROI at a rate of 42:1

  • One of the best avenues to build brand legitimacy and credibility

Email marketing can only be as good as the foundation it’s built on. That’s where Sinch Mailgun comes in as the technical backdrop for your communications strategy.

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Build a robust email marketing campaign

No two businesses are the same, and neither are the emails they send to their subscribers. Using Mailgun’s Email Template Builder, your teams can create beautiful templates for a myriad of emails:

  • Email newsletters

  • Welcome emails

  • Product announcements for exciting updates on your business

  • Promotional emails

  • Retention emails and Nurture sequences to build your business

  • Transactional emails like receipts and account updates

Sinch Email’s suite of solutions is designed to help large and small businesses optimize their email automation with deliverability tools and reputation-focused products that meet your email marketing goals.

Measure your email marketing success

Email campaign success is measured in engagement. Regardless of whether you’re sending to ten or ten million people, your engagement metrics are key to improving your email strategy. Measure the metrics that matter with Mailgun’s robust Analytics, including:

  • Open rates

  • Click-through rates

  • Bounce rates

  • Unsubscribe rates

  • Spam complaint rate

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Be on a first name basis

Most email marketers know the value of personalization tokens, and the ability to create custom emails is a baseline all template builders should have. Personalize your emails based on:

  • Identifying information like name, birthday, and location

  • Abandoned carts

  • Current customers or past customers

  • Email signup form preferences

When creating email templates using Mailgun’s Template Builder, personalization is a breeze with Handlebars template language. Add in your {{personalized expressions}} and our templates will fill in the field with the corresponding input data. Less generic emails – better engagements.

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"For us, at the volume we're sending – every fraction of a percentage means a potential customer, and as a community of designers, it's our job to create meaningful touchpoints. High deliverability ensures that our messages and our reach are seen; any improvement in our email program has a huge effect on our business."

Michael Sacca

Michael Sacca

Vice President of Product at Dribbble


Uplift your brand reputation

You can have the best email content and promotional offers in the world, but if you have poor deliverability, those emails will never see the inbox. Complying with GDPR and CAN-SPAM goes beyond proper unsubscribe management. While email authentication is a great first step, your email program deserves more than the minimum.

Mailgun Optimize provides powerful, detailed data and industry-leading applications all in one place. Rid your email list of invalid and outdated email addresses with Email validations or test your email templates with Inbox Placement Tests and Email Previews.

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Improved performance

Send your email marketing campaigns at the perfect time

Each contact's behavior is unique, so why treat them all the same? Mailgun’s Send Time Optimization delivers each email to your customer when it is the perfect time for them, based on that specific user's previous engagement activity. Never guess again whether you’re sending to Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or another mailbox provider.

Collaborative design

Design beautiful email templates – no code required

For marketing teams, real-time collaboration on email marketing initiatives is made easier by Mailjet’s Email Editor. The no-code Email Editor ensures that your team will never struggle with HTML, and the drag-and-drop interface is complete with a collaboration system for leaving comments to colleagues. Segment, A/B test, and personalize all from one single pane-of-view.

If you need to create beautiful emails effortlessly and send bulk messages with high deliverability, Mailjet’s email marketing solution is a perfect fit for you.

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Explore beyond email marketing

Mailgun and Mailjet have a variety of features for companies with email marketing needs.

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