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Data privacy and our commitment to the GDPR

Privacy is one of the most essential principles that businesses need to respect. Customers trust your business to keep their data private, and we want you to be able to promise that and more with your email program.

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Our background in the EU

Since its debut in 2018, our brands have strived to be the first to market with complete GDPR compliance in mind with as little disruption to our customers as possible. For Mailjet, meeting the standards required was effortless given our existing footprint in France and data center based in Belgium. With data privacy top of mind, Mailjet was one of the first email service providers to be GDPR compliant well ahead of its effective date.

Mailgun was quick to follow, but being a US-based company provided some challenges. Customers sending from the EU needed a data facility based in their region. While many of our competitors opted for the now struck down EU-US Privacy Framework, we opted for a data center of our own based in Germany. While many of our competitors opted for the now struck down EU-US Privacy Framework, we opted for a data center of our own based in Germany. Paired with a dashboard that allowed for easy data migration to our EU environment, Mailgun became one of the first US-based, GDPR compliant email service providers with the most user-friendly migration process.

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GDPR: Present and future

Today, both Mailgun and Mailjet maintain their GDPR compliance under Sinch, whose dedication to respecting data sovereignty is engrained in their mission. Based in Sweden, Sinch is fully GDPR compliant and maintains high standards for all sectors of communication. As we continue to innovate what we have to offer, Sinch has your privacy and security top of mind, with a dedicated DPO officer to ensure the entire organization protects your customer’s privacy.

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“Trust and Security are our highest priority. We have gone above and beyond to create infrastructure and connectivity that guarantees GDPR compliance.”


Oscar Werner

Former CEO, Sinch

Data sovereignty for better communication

People have a right to govern how their personal data is used by businesses looking to communicate with them. To meet the needs of both businesses and consumers alike, we’ve ensured that we’ve met the highest standards of compliance with data sovereignty:

  • Full compliance with GDPR regulation and all applicable data protection laws

  • ISO 27001 Certified

  • Dedicated DPO for Mailgun and Mailjet based in the EU

  • DPO for the entire Sinch organization

  • Offices in Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, and other offices across the globe

  • Data centers based in the EU

  • HIPAA and SOC type I & II certified

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Resources available to you

Need further assistance regarding our stance on data privacy? We’ve collected some of our best resources for you.

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