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Leverage our email API for your customers to send with confidence

Sinch Email is the leading API-based email delivery service to send, receive, and track email to empower marketing platforms like yours, providing your customers with the most powerful and reliable full featured email service in the industry.

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Over 150,000 companies are building great apps and email programs with Mailgun.

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Email is our business, what’s yours?

Our Martech partners know we have their back when it comes to email, which allows them to focus on doing what they do best – building the best marketing automation platforms on the market. Between managing customer journeys, harnessing Customer Data Platform (CDP) data, and orchestrating messaging across communication channels, providing a state-of-the-art email program to multiple clients can be a challenge. You need a scalable partner who can grow and manage your challenges seamlessly.

At Sinch Email, our focus is to find the right solution that best fits you and your customer’s needs. We understand the challenges and opportunities within the Martech industry and built a reliable, scalable platform that can manage multi-customer environments with varying customer performance needs. Whether your customers support a few or thousands of domains and IPs, Mailgun’s sending platform, Deliverability Specialists, and email performance tools will help to build and optimize an overall performance & deliverability to support and scale to your customers.

Power at scale

At high volume, you need every guarantee that your customers’ emails will arrive on time and without delay. Send millions of emails a month with the Email Service Provider that puts your use case and deliverability first:

  • Peak times of over 100,000 messages per second

  • Sending over one billion messages, on average weekday

  • Delivering 99% of messages to the inbox in 40 seconds or less

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Send with reassurance

Our Service Level Agreement (SLAs) are more than promises where you sign the dotted line, they are financial commitments to deliver the desired level of performance without fail to you – every day:

  • 99.99% server uptime with swift communications

  • Up to 72 million message requests an hour

  • Up to 200ms for verification response for 95% of monthly volume

A reliable infrastructure you can trust

Your customers who need assurance of GDPR, HIPAA, or other compliance standards can rest assured knowing their email program is protected under our strict security guidelines. From the first email to the billionth, your customers’ information is secure.

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“We’re able to ensure a better service for our marketers by using Mailgun. They count on us, and we count on Mailgun: and this relationship helps us maintain credibility with our customers.”

Paulius Milisauskas

Paulius Milisauskas

VP of Customer Operations

We provide white-label features that can increase the value of your offering

1. Verifications

We validate addresses against our own cached data and directly with mailbox providers to verify every address on your customers’ sending lists, potentially lowering their bounce rates by over 20% and improving inbox placement.

2. Previews

Your customers can test their email templates and see an email preview as it would appear on a variety of email clients, allowing fixing any issues before proceeding with their email sending.

3. Deliverability Suite

InboxReady Deliverability Services will help your customers’ email programs generate the best results with proactive monitoring and regular reporting.

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“Our partnership with Sinch is one of the most strategic partnerships we have. Like any great relationship, we started small with a few key shared customers, leveraging the Sinch/Blueshift integration and looking for ways to collaborate. Over time, with continued success and mutual growth, we've expanded into other Sinch product offerings and seen an increase in happy shared customers. The Sinch/Blueshift partnership truly is one of the most important to our business, and we're excited for it to continue to grow!”


Jason Shugars

Global Head of Partnerships at Blueshift


Leveraging our platform to achieve significant results

According to an independent Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Sinch, a composite organization based on interviewed customers:

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Increased email deliverability by

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Achieved a three-year ROI of

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Reduced the average cost to send an email by

Working TOGETHER to win

Success in any market goes beyond integrating with innovative technology – it takes immense drive. Partnering with Sinch Email is more than a technical solution – it is a mutual ambition to achieve success. We believe that when you win, we win. Benefits of our partner program include:

  • Tailored go-to-market strategies

  • 24/7 Technical Support

  • Powerful sending infrastructure supporting 99.99% server uptime

  • Market development funds

  • Best practice solutions

No matter what you’re looking for in the world of email, we can work together to win together. We don’t compete for customers – we want you to be the marketing automation experts, let us handle email delivery.

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Everything you need to support email on your platform

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Preview snapshots of your email across 80+ different devices and email clients to identify formatting and rendering issues before you send.

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Validations helps your customers filter out invalid email addresses, prevent deliverability issues and improve campaign performance. And with email preview lets you visualize how your email will appear in hundreds of email clients and devices.

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Coordinate cross-channel connectivity to all major channels: Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Voice and many more.

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Scale to billions of messages per day with AI-optimized sending and global GDPR-compliant sending infrastructure in US and EU.

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Help your customers land emails in the inbox. InboxReady Deliverability Suite provides the data to build winning strategies, maximize email delivery rates, and optimize the performance of your customers’ email programs.

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Understand every detail of your customers’ email campaign with in-depth analytics: opens, clicks, and engagement statistics – including Apple Mail privacy implications.

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Give your clients better customer engagement

We live in an omnichannel world, and no two clients have the same needs. With the widest choice of channels out there, Sinch, the Customer Communications Cloud, powers meaningful conversations at scale across messaging, voice, and email to help businesses deliver unified, personalized experiences that truly revolve around their customers, no matter the channels they use — with a single partner. logo

“Mailgun support and expertise is truly top notch. We definitely couldn’t have done a migration of this size without having them around to double-check our assumptions and provide guidance. You can tell they care about getting email deliverability right, and our customers greatly appreciate it.”


John Alison

Co-founder of

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See what you can accomplish with the world's best email delivery platform

We look forward to winning together!
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