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Email Previews

Never send another broken email. Proactively test your email on 100+ devices and clients so you see exactly what your subscribers will see.

Industry-leading email testing

Error-free emails are a test away

You spend hours, days, weeks crafting the perfect email only to hit send and realize it rendered wrong on thousands of recipient devices. With so many new devices and clients coming out every year, it can be nearly impossible to ensure your email looks perfect on each one.

With email previews, you can be certain your messages display as intended—on every device, in every inbox. Deliver error-free messages in less time with testing on 100+ devices and clients (including dark mode).

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Dynamic testing

Stand out in a crowded inbox

You made it to the inbox, congrats! But your email still needs to be opened. With tons of other emails also competing for the same attention, it can be hard to stand out.

Go beyond previews by testing the inbox-view of your sender name, subject line, and preheader text across phone, desktop, and web. Play with word count, alter copy, adjust spacing and see what works best for your email.

Comprehensive results

Dark mode optimization

With over 82% of people using some form of dark mode on their devices, you want to make certain you are set up for success no matter how your recipients consume email.

Test in dark mode to ensure your email matches branding guidelines, images with transparent backgrounds are visible, your text is the right color, and more.

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