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Single email validation API

Integrate with ease, validate with certainty

Embed our email validation API into your site, form, or application to automatically verify all incoming addresses at the point of collection.

The industrys fastest email validation tool

Maximize efficiency and drive revenue

One bad email address can damage your email program - multiply that by tens, hundreds, or thousands and you will see a drop in inbox placement, engagement, and overall email ROI (maybe even land on a blocklist).

Integrate the industry’s fastest email validation API directly into your platform to systematically remove invalid and high-risk email addresses in real time.

Email validation API Image
Illustration of the statistics and delivery rate of an email campaign.

Protect your sender reputation

Remove disposable addresses and minimize risk

Bad actors are working tirelessly to find new ways to manipulate your systems and create new (illegal) opportunities for themselves. And now that disposable email addresses are widely available, it makes organic list building that much harder for legitimate senders.

Our email validation API is able to identify most types of disposable addresses, so you have one less thing to worry about when building your email lists the right way.

Why we are different

Create a competitive edge

What makes our email verification API unique is that each address is checked against a database of cached data that comes from the over 400b emails we deliver every year as a leading email service provider. And to add yet another layer of accuracy we also check against data that comes directly from the mailbox providers themselves for an unmatched level of performance.

A graphic illustration of an email verification along with the statistics behind it.

Validate with confidence

Go beyond the basics, check against:​

Inbox icon

Mailbox/MX verification

Email icon

Role-based address verification

Trashcan icon

Disposable address verification

Ink pen icon

RFC grammar rule check

AI text icon

Suggestions on suspected typos

Hook icon

Catch-all address verification

Privacy icon

Email alias identification and suggestions

Warning sign icon

New or risky domain analysis

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