Mailgun's Partners & Integrations

Mailgun partners with the industry’s best marketing platforms and customer data platforms to help you get the most out of your email and marketing strategy.

Email Marketing API Integrations

Looking for an email marketing tool or template builder? Take the code and technical know-how out of sending marketing emails. With these partners, you can easily create drag-and-drop templates on the fly, plan targeted campaigns, and curate your email list.

Popular Integrations

Integration Partners

Mailgun’s open and flexible platform integrates with a variety of technology solutions.

Become A Partner

We’re always on the lookout for new partners that enable developers to innovate faster or help marketers send and track email with ease. Unlock the benefits of becoming a Mailgun Partner, including expert training, co-marketing and co-selling, premium reseller support, and feedback on our product roadmap.

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Become an Integration Partner

Mailgun’s flexible APIs are easy to integrate, so developers can quickly go back to building new products and features. Our team will help you integrate your software with Mailgun and so you can grow your user base.

  • Grow Faster - Get noticed by our tens of thousands of Mailgun customers by becoming one of the key integrations they enable each month.
  • Retain More Customers - Improve your retention rate by adding extra layers of product stickiness with Mailgun and our deliverability products.
  • Delight your users - Improve customer satisfaction with customers with improved email deliverability and data quality.
Become a Referral Partner

Give your platform the advantage of better deliverability and reliable email infrastructure so your customers can reach their customers at scale.

  • Become an Expert - Gain full understanding and expertise in email, deliverability and overall strategy to help solve customer’s email related business problems.
  • Access to our Dedicated Team - Work with our dedicated partner team for sales support, co-marketing initiatives, custom pricing and proof of concept(s).
  • Grow Your Business - Fuel sales with go-to-market opportunities that amplify your brand, generate qualified leads and create passive income.