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Email is our business, what's your's?

Mailgun’s reliable and scalable platform has everything you need to manage email on behalf of your clients. Our products easily plugin to any application or website and take the guesswork out of email sending and marketing. When you partner with Mailgun, you’ll have a flexible email partner in your back pocket, who you can rely on to help you build the perfect customer communication program for you or your clients.

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Reselling Mailgun

Is email an essential part of the service you offer your customers? Are you looking for a new or additional ESP partner? Mailgun can help you improve the email experience on your platform.

  • Mailgun is home to the brightest minds in email who can become an extension of your Deliverability team.
  • Full email analytics tracking dashboard helps you keep track of every send.
  • Get leads/improve brand recognition from co-marketing events.
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The Mailgun Referral Program

Do you have clients who are looking for a better email solution? Are you on the hunt for an additional revenue stream? Mailgun wants to help you serve your clients, and offers a commission on referrals.

  • Earn a commission on each referral
  • Improve your client’s results with a premium email service provider
  • Receive guidance on how to ensure the best experience for your clients

The Mailgun Affiliate Program

Is content marketing your name and passive income your game? Do you want to evangelize a world-class email sending platform? Join Mailgun’s Affiliate program and we’ll help you earn even more affiliate business.

  • Gain passive income with a commission for customers referred.
  • Access to the Mailgun affiliate portal with helpful tips and content creation challenges for extra cash.
  • Promote a leading email tool.

Are you looking for a Mailgun Partner to help you grow your business?

Check out our Omnichannel and Email Marketing Partners.