Ep. 01: The History Of Spam

Email’s Not Dead is a podcast about how we communicate with each other and the broader world through modern technologies.

Ep. 02: Now That’s What I Call Spam

As email spam became more widely spread in the early 2000s, policy makers started fighting back. In this episode, we’re covering the introduction of CAN-SPAM Act, terrible compilation albums of the decade’s pop hits, and the big privacy changes brought on by GDPR.

Ep. 03: Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Spam

We’re looking to the future, so we brought in Mailgun’s Nostradamus (aka our in-house deliverability engineer Nick Schafer). He brings a ton of insight on what the future of spam holds especially the concept of no authentication, no entry, and DMARC.

Ep. 04: Combatting Email Fraud & Building Your Brand With BIMI

Last time, Nick Schafer showed up to predict the future of spam. Now we’re bringing in 250ok’s Director of Privacy, Matthew Vernhout, to talk shop about Brand Indicators for Message Identification (aka BIMI).

Ep. 05: Sending A More Relevant Message With Omnichannel Communication

Omnichannel marketing and email, how does it all fit in? Jonathan and Eric sat down with co-founder and CEO of Omnisend, Rytis Lauris to talk about transactional and marketing messages leading into 2020, and how you need to look towards other types of email communication to better reach your customers.

Ep. 06: Sunset Policy and Tracking

Sometimes you need to clean house, including your sending habits. That's what we're talking about in this week's Email’s Not Dead – Sunset Policies. How does tracking tie in with engagement? When should you say goodbye to unengaged email addresses in your mailing list in order to maintain your sending reputation? Join Jonathan and Eric as we start wrapping up season one.

Ep. 07: Season Finale - Complaints and Unsubscribes

Can you still be friends with your customers after an unsubscribe? Learn why it's best to have organic email addresses and different options for your unsubscribes with Jon and Eric in the season finale of Email’s Not Dead.

S2 Ep 01 - Introducing Inbox Placement

A new year means a new season of Mailgun's Email's Not Dead. We have Jorge Miramontes our Product Manager introducing our newest tool, Inbox Placement. Tune in with Jonathan and Eric in 2020 to remember, Email's Not Dead!

S2 Ep 02 - Sending emails at the right time with Send Time Optimization

Wait wait, we have more. In this episode, Mailgun’s Product Manager, Chris Farmer brings you up to speed on how you can send your emails at the right time with, Send Time Optimization. Is it better to send in the late morning, early afternoon or early evening? Tune in now!

S2 Ep 03 - The Developer Episode or The Devisode

In this episode, we decided to bring in a mad man. No, we actually brought in one of our lead developers, Alan Erwin. He’s on our deliverability tools team and we wanted to ask him what made him tick, so we did. Tune into this week’s episode with Jonathan and Eric to remind you, Emails Not Dead.

S2 Ep 04 - Applying the sending funnel in our current climate.

Things have become a little weird around the world and we brought in our expert Kate Nowrouzi, VP of Deliverability to preach the good word on applying the sending funnel to your email. Even in these trying times, applying the sending funnel to your email strategy is critical to ensure that you land in the inbox. Learn what happened from the backend of email when everyone sends the same content at the same time. Sit down with Jonathan and Eric as sending in the real world, gets real.

S2 Ep 05 - We just got back from Email Camp 2020

Eric and Jonathan are back with a brand new episode of Email’s Not Dead to recap the all-new Email Camp 2020 presented by Mailgun and Mailjet. Featuring Email Camp Head Counselor and Mailgun Marketing Specialist, Thomas Knierien who gives a brief overview and what's in store for the future. Go to youtube, look up a looping campfire video, maybe heat up some hot chocolate and put some camp clothes and listen to this recap.

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