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Improve your email conversion rate by automatically sending emails at the right time to engage with your audience

When is the best time to send an email?

The average person sends and receives more than 120 email messages a day. Many marketers take a general approach to find the best time to send email campaigns. They apply a specific time they think is best for the whole segment to improve their open rate, instead of taking into account individual behaviors.

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Send Time Optimization Results

Send Time Optimization gives you more opens and clicks

Mailgun’s Send Time Optimization (STO) automatically finds the ideal send time for each and every individual on your list at the time that they are most likely to engage with your email. Your customers will hear you, each and every time you want to reach them.

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We help you deliver your messages at the optimal time, so your customers see them at the top of their mailbox. Start engaging with your customers at the right time and increase your open rates.

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Better engagement every time

With Send Time Optimization (STO), your email messages are delivered at the exact time your recipients are viewing their inbox, leaving your messages top of mind. Campaigns sent with STO performed better than those without STO every time. Users consistently see 5-10% uplift in opens and clicks over regular methods.*

*Customers who have seen these results have high deliverability. To improve your deliverability sign up for a consultation with our Managed Deliverability Services.

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Stand out from the crowd

Want to reach and convert more customers? Send Time Optimization works across all major inbox providers, like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. Other solutions only work with certain ISPs, limiting their effectiveness.

By adapting to individual usage patterns and open times, your email is more likely to show up at the top of someone’s inbox and is more likely to be engaged with.

Power your email marketing campaigns with Mailgun's rich database of sending history.

Personalization powered by machine learning

STO targets the best send time to reach individuals no matter the time of day or day of the week, using the engagement data we gather from the billions of emails we send each month. When you send a message using STO, our algorithm analyzes the data we have on hand for a given recipient to determine when the optimal send time is to deliver.

Any type of email address is eligible for Send Time Optimization - there are no domain limitations. Try STO today.

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