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When searching for an email marketing solution, going with a provider that scales and offers advanced features and ease of use is crucial. Mailjet lets you build email templates and email campaigns, automate, send, and monitor your email marketing campaigns. Ensure your emails hit the inbox with top-notch deliverability.

Mailgun's email editor and collaboration feature allowing for an agile design process.

Email Design Exactly How You Imagine Them

It all starts with creativity. Mailjet lets you create email templates that fit your needs—and that your contacts love to see. With the most advanced drag-and-drop editor on the market, creating email newsletters, welcome emails, drip sequences or campaigns with Mailjet's marketing automation tools has never been so intuitive. Start your email campaign from scratch, customize in drag-and-drop, one of our pre-made templates (for industries like e-commerce, travel, events, etc), upload your HTML or play with MJML, Mailjet’s unique framework designed to eliminate the HTML hassle.

A Set of Features That Make Your Email Marketing Strategy Possible

Growing your number of subscribers with signup forms and shaping a successful email marketing strategy for them is easier when you have the right solution to rely on. Marketing features like email automation, list management, real-time statistics, advanced segmentation and personalization are a must—and Mailjet has them all. An innovative platform like Mailjet also takes a step further with advanced features like dynamic content blocks, A/B testing for up to ten versions (test subject lines, call to action...), and Inbox Preview so you can see how your emails will look in your customers’ inboxes.

A/B testing that allows you to understand your audience.

Email Marketing Services To Actually Reach the Inbox

You can spend a lot of time creating attractive, attention-getting emails, but what happens when they don’t make it to your recipients? Maximizing your deliverability may seem difficult, but as one of the best email marketing services, Mailjet helps you solve your deliverability problems. by delivering your bulk emails, drip campaigns and more. If you go for a self-service plan or require dedicated Deliverability Services to take your sending reputation to the next level, with Mailjet you get your messages where they need to go and boost your deliverability rates (open rates and click-through rates).

An Email Marketing Software Optimized for Teams

Mailjet goes beyond standard features offered by email marketing platforms and helps your team work smarter and faster. Save time by accelerating decision-making thanks to our real-time collaboration features right in the drag-and-drop email builder; provide a secure emailing experience by organizing user accesses and locking your brand attributes. See how you can streamline your email experience with Mailjet all-in-one best email marketing software.

Mailjet's user permissions feature allows for cohesive design.

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Mailjet Is Not Like Any Email Marketing Platform You’ve Met.

Whether you send huge amounts of email or you start slow and expand, choose an email marketing tool and a partner who you can grow your business with and rely on at every step of your life cycle.

Our customers are small businesses and bigger enterprises operating in e-commerce, software & technology, media, agencies, financial services and more.

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Create your emails with the most advanced email drag-and-drop editor on the market (for marketing and transactional emails) and reach every inbox on your contact list thanks to Mailjet’s best-in-class deliverability.

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