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Check if an email address is valid or not with Mailgun's fast and simple email verification tool. We send billions of emails every month — and we use this data to build the fastest and most accurate set of email verification data available.

Why you should verify your email list before sending bulk email

Bad email addresses = bad news.

That’s because bad email addresses usually result in a hard bounce.

That email you’ve spent hours crafting and optimizing? It never reaches your customer...and shows inbox providers that you’re not following best practices, hurting your sender reputation. And you’ll start to see negative impacts on your overall email deliverability as a result.

You spend thousands of dollars and hours acquiring email addresses. But a bad email address? That’s not just a lost customer — it’s all that time and energy wasted. Don't let typos clog up your email list with invalid email addresses. Use email checking tools to ensure you're capturing every customer along the way.

Mailgun's email verification tool can lower your bounce rate for your email campaigns by up to 20%. Supercharge your email marketing campaigns with Mailgun's powerful email verification tool.

A graphic illustration showing how a single email verification catches invalid email addresses.
A graphic illustration showing bulk verification using Mailgun.

How often should you check your email list?

Well, pretty often.

That’s because when you collect a person’s email address, you’re only collecting one snapshot in time. They may change email addresses, domains, leave their email provider...causing 25% of your email database to go bad every year. We recommend running a full email verification on your email list annually.

If you need help with your overall email deliverability strategy – Mailgun can help. Our email experts have partnered with leading companies like Lyft, Shopify, and Dell to help improve their email performance with an industry-leading email service.

Learn more about Mailgun's Email Deliverability Services.

Why Choose Mailgun?

Mailgun processes billions of emails every month. This gives us a powerful dataset that other providers just don't have. If your email verification provider doesn't actually send email, how do they really know if an address is valid or not? Mailgun has cached nearly every available email address today, and we'll continue to grow our accuracy as our customer base grows.

Don't get locked into a provider with a bad data set. Trust Mailgun to help verify your email lists, send bulk email, and monitor your domain reputation.

Never get a hard bounce again with the fastest bulk email verification tool in the industry

Don’t wait to receive that hard bounce to find out you’ve got a bad email address on your hands.

Our email verification tool uses our cache of billions of email addresses as its primary source so you can get lightning-fast verification. It's so fast you can call our service on your signup, checkout, or form submission page to make sure you're capturing accurate results before users ever enter your system.

Need a bulk email verifier for millions of emails? You can expect results from us in minutes, not days. Our powerful algorithm identifies typos, misspellings, and other errors that put your sending reputation at risk — so you can breathe easier when you press send.

Trust Mailgun to help verify your email lists, send bulk email, and monitor your domain reputation.

Try Mailgun's Email Verification Service today.

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How email address verification works

Using Mailgun's email validation service, check a single email address at a time, upload a CSV of emails for us to validate in bulk, or use our super-fast email verification API. Our email checker goes beyond real-time analysis and looks at deliverability history across the entire Mailgun ecosystem. Our verification service catches syntax errors or suspicious domain names in seconds.

We combine the power of our sending data from analyzing billions of emails every day with SMTP lookups from email providers like Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo Mail to determine if an address is mailable or not. Our proprietary verification process does the following checks:

  • Email server & mx record verification

  • Roll-based address verification

  • Disposable email address verification

  • RFC grammar rule check

  • Suggestions on suspected typos

We’re constantly adding new rules and updates to make sure you’re always checking email addresses against the most up-to-date information. Get email verification and more with our Foundation plan. Sign up and start checking your emails today.

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