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View time optimization alternatives

View time optimization vs send time optimization

You’re talking, but are they listening? The world of email is highly competitive, and if your email isn’t in the top spot of the inbox then your emails won't be read. See how Mailgun's Send Time Optimization compares against View Time Optimization.

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What is the difference between STO and VTO?

Mailgun’s Send Time Optimization (STO) automatically finds the ideal send time for each and every individual on your list at the time that they are most likely to engage with your email. With Send Time Optimization (STO), your email messages are delivered at the exact time your recipients are viewing their inbox, leaving your messages top of mind, based on billions of emails sent every month. Campaigns sent with STO performed better than those without STO every time and work with every inbox provider. Users consistently see 5-10% uplift in opens and clicks over regular methods.

View Time Optimation (VTO) is based on behavior gathered by the inbox service provider. VTO only works for Verizon Media inbox providers, and Verizon Media VTO is only available through a partnership with Validity at a high premium. Additionally VTO data is separate from your primary reporting through your ESP.

Illustration showing the statistics for email logs and analytics.
A graphic illustrating the statistics, deliverability rates, and engagement of emails.

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Increase engagement

All of that adds up to decreasing engagement rates across the board, but both STO and VTO aim to change that. Both Mailgun’s STO and Verizon Media VTO place your email at the top of the inbox when your recipient is actively engaging with it. Once scheduled through Mailgun and Verizon Media, your campaign will run at an optimized send time to different Verizon Media addresses. STO is the better fit if your list is diverse and contains other inbox providers like Gmail.

Send Time Optimization (STO) is available for Scale plans and above - it's easy to get started.

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