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Mailgun is a set of powerful APIs that allow you to send, receive and track email effortlessly. We're proud to offer Rackspace customers 50,000 free emails every month and 100 free validations.

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Rackspace customers will continue to receive

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And with Mailgun you’ll get

  • Amazing delivery to the inbox.
  • Powerful tools to automate your email.
  • 50,000 free emails each month
  • An email validation tool powered by Mailgun data from sending billions of emails every month.

Proactive monitoring of your email performance

Get an extra eye on your IP and domain reputation and email performance to make sure you meet your goals.

Our account managers use sophisticated tools to zero in on potential problems before they affect your deliverability. This proactive approach means you can focus on creating a better product for your customers without worrying about whether or not your emails are being delivered.


Email Deliverability Solutions

Email deliverability can never be guaranteed, but with quality content, a strong domain reputation, a good IP reputation, and proper email-sending practices, you can reduce deliverability issues and maximize your email deliverability odds.

And by choosing a partner like Mailgun that brings together comprehensive deliverability features to protect your sender score, you’ll be able to boost delivery rates and optimize inbox placement across your entire list.

A few solutions we offer to optimize your email delivery rates and keep your messages out of the spam folder include:

Don’t fall into a spam trap — Mailgun’s email validation tool has you covered

Mailgun validates more than 200 million email addresses each month. Our intelligent email validation API includes the following useful features as part of our email validation service:

  • Mailbox Verification. For supported mailbox providers, Mailgun checks whether a mailbox exists on the target domain. This safeguard can also detect typos.
  • Role-Based Address Check. For all validation requests, Mailgun designates whether an email address is a “role-based address” like admin@ or sales@. These are often distribution lists that can result in a high spam complaint rate and are best kept off your mailing list.
  • Disposable Mailbox Detection. Disposable mailboxes are commonly used to commit fraud. Mailgun’s verification process can tell whether the email address is on a known disposable mailbox provider. You then can take action based on your own risk assessments.
  • Reporting Dashboard. You can track your usage of the validation API by day and hour within the Mailgun Control Panel. Find specific information on the number of valid and invalid email addresses along with the types of API calls that have been done.
  • Rate Limiting of Validation API Key. Rate limits on the validation API key can be put in place to manage costs and prevent abuse.
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