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Mailgun and Freshdesk

Automate forums, tickets, and contacts for new log data, bounce events, failed delivery events, and more by using Zapier to connect Freshdesk and Mailgun.

  • Overview

    Freshdesk is a complete support solution for desk support. By connecting Mailgun and Freshdesk, you can tickets, notes, and forums for email events like unsubscribe events, bounce events, and more.

    • Freshdesk - Freshdesk is an omnichannel suite specializing helping businesses with customer engagement and management. With smart automations and multiple support channels, Freshdesk saves time and creates meaningful experiences for your customers.

    • Zapier - Zapier is an iPaaS provider that allows non-technical users to create connections between web apps using a simple interface. You will benefit from one of the largest app ecosystems, including over 500+ web apps to connect to, including Mailgun.

  • Features

    You can customize this integration with Triggers and Actions, including:




    New Tick­et – in Fres­hdesk.

    Add Note­s to a Tick­et – add Priv­ate or Publ­ic note­s to a Fres­hdesk Supp­ort Tick­et.


    New Cont­act – in Fres­hdesk.

    Crea­te Comp­any – in Fres­hdesk.

    New Tick­et Note­ – when­ a Note­ is adde­d to a Tick­et.

    Crea­te Foru­m – crea­tes a Foru­m unde­r a Cate­gory.

    Upda­te Tick­et – in Fres­hdesk.

    Crea­te Foru­m Cate­gory – in Fres­hdesk.

    Upda­te Cont­act – in Fres­hdesk.

    Crea­te Foru­m Topi­c – in Fres­hdesk.

    New Log Data­ – push­ even­ts to othe­r serv­ices.

    Crea­te Tick­et – crea­te a tick­et in Fres­hdesk for your­ doma­in.

    New Boun­ce Even­t – trac­k boun­ce even­ts via call­back URL.­

    Crea­te Cont­act – allo­ws you to crea­te a User­/Customer in Fres­hdesk for your­ supp­ort doma­in.

    New Comp­laint Even­t – trac­k unsu­bscribe even­ts via call­back URL.­

    Find­ Cont­act – find­s an exis­ting cust­omer or a pote­ntial cust­omer that­ has rais­ed a tick­et.

    New Deli­very Even­t – trac­k succ­essful deli­very even­ts via call­back URL.­

    Find­ Tick­et by ID – in Fres­hdesk.

    New Fail­ed Deli­very Even­t – trac­k fail­ed deli­very atte­mpts via call­back URL.­

    Send­ Emai­l – via your­ Mail­gun acco­unt.

    New Open­/Click Even­t – webh­ook for trac­king open­s/clicks.

    New Mail­ing List­ Memb­er – adds­ a new memb­er to a mail­ing list­.

    New Unsu­bscribe Even­t – trac­k unsu­bscribe even­ts via call­back URL.­

    New List­ – when­ a new mail­ing list­ is adde­d to your­ acco­unt.

    Manage your contact lists without worrying about global data privacy regulations or data security. Mailgun is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified, meaning that it guarantees an optimal level of email data privacy and security.

  • Installations

    Connect Mailgun to Freshdesk without any programming skills. Enjoy the benefits of workflow automation:

    • Step 1: Connect your Mailgun and Freshdesk accounts in Zapier.

    • Step 2: Select the trigger app to kick off your automation.

    • Step 3: Pick your preferred action from the other app.

    • Step 4: Choose the data you want to send between the two apps.

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A Mailgun account

A Freshdesk account

A Zapier account


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