Mailgun and Skyvia

Load your ListMembers, Templates, Tags, and other Mailgun data directly to and from major cloud and on-premise data sources by integrating Mailgun with Skyvia.

  • Overview

    Skyvia is an all-in-one, cloud-based platform specializing in integration, data backup, and management. With no coding knowledge needed, Skyvia allows you to automate workflows and manage your integrations with ease.

    • Easy access - Connect your Mailgun account to your Skyvia account for easy access to your data.

    • Efficient workspace - Manage all of your integrations, including your Mailgun integration, through Skyvia's convenient interface.

    • Share with others - Collaborate with and assign roles to different team members. Multiple workspaces allow for flexibility.

  • Features

    • 100% cloud access

    • Suitable for any business

    • Hosted on reliable Azure cloud with multi-tenant fault-tolerant cloud architecture

    • Unlimited connections

    • Role assignment

    • Multiple workspaces

    • Centralized payment management

  • Installations

    1. Go to Skyvia to create a new account.

    2. Select the Mailgun connector in Skyvia.

    3. Specify your Private API Key and Domain.

    Access detailed documentation here for connecting Mailgun to Skyvia.

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A Mailgun account

A Skyvia account



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