Research report

The state of email deliverability 2023

Industry benchmarks and expert advice on inbox placement

What's inside

In this exclusive report, you will find:

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    Survey results from 1900+ senders around the world.

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    The top challenges related to landing in the inbox.

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    The biggest benefits of prioritizing email deliverability.

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    Delivery rate benchmarks for transactional and marketing emails.

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    The most important deliverability metric and how to measure it.

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    What happens when senders get blocklisted.

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    Best practices for email list building and list hygiene.

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    Insights on email authentication, sender reputation, and more.

Download the report:

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The state of email deliverability 2023

Are you making inbox placement a priority?

What you don’t know about email deliverability can definitely hurt your email ROI...and your business. Unfortunately, the topic of achieving inbox placement is still a bit mysterious to many senders. The deliverability experts at Sinch Mailgun are here to shed some much-needed light on the subject.

Everyone wants to avoid the spam folder (including spammers). But what can you do to increase your chances of landing in the inbox? Are you unknowingly making major mistakes? There are many factors connected to email deliverability – from email sending infrastructure to how contacts engage with your messages. Some responsibilities fall to the IT department, while the marketing team handles others.

So, how do you keep everything straight? Get advice from experts who’ve spent their careers helping senders like you improve their inbox placement. We’ll break down the results of our exclusive industry survey and point you in the right direction.

Find out why focusing on deliverability improves your return on investment in the email channel.

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