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Boost your deliverability with Mailgun’s email validation

You’ve got a huge contact list that you’ve been using for years. But do you know where those email addresses came from? Did they ever go through email verification?

Take the guesswork out of sending and reach contacts that will actually engage with your email marketing campaigns. Stop worrying about your email deliverability and start focusing on what matters: sending great email.

Why use an email verifier to verify email addresses?

When your core business is to provide a reliable marketing service to customers, you can’t afford to spend time and money on contacts that don’t exist. An email verifier tool can save you – and your dev team – time to market, so you can focus on sending to the right people. Instead of working out the perfect regex for email validation, an email verifier on your web forms can check for user mistakes and keep bad addresses off your email list.

4 elements of a perfect sender reputation

Bad emails happen. A bulk email verifier can help. As an email marketer, you’re probably already monitoring metrics like opens, clicks, and conversions. But your sender reputation ensures your subscribers actually receive those emails you’ve spent plenty of time and effort crafting, designing, and optimizing. Mailgun helps you address these four elements of sender reputation:

  • Email address quality: 24% of your email list will go bad every year. How often do you check for bad emails, typos, and syntax or grammar errors? The majority of the emails causing hard bounces are from misspelling “” for Gmail and “” for Yahoo. Automatically check errors before they ever make it onto your email list and monitor for invalid or outdated email addresses.

  • Level of engagement: Are you sending the right content to your subscribers? If certain email addresses go inactive – meaning they never respond, click, or open your emails – then it’s time to let them go, or look at better segmentation instead of using your list as a catch-all for every message you want to send.

  • The number of emails you send: Sending email too often or too frequently to the same audience tires them out, but it can also impact your deliverability. Inbox providers look for send volume in relation to your unsubscribes, spam complaints, and more, making an email validator that can catch invalid email addresses that much more important.

  • Spam complaints: Every marketer’s worst fear is landing on the blacklist (sometimes called blocklists.) When a subscriber marks you as spam, remove them from your list ASAP. While we all wish that when subscribers want to stop receiving emails, they choose to unsubscribe, the spam button is easy and convenient — so be sure to check with every email campaign send.

How it works: a squeaky clean email list in 3 easy steps

Email service providers (ESPs) like Mailgun empower you to make better sending decisions and make list cleaning easy. Through our email verification API, you can integrate an email checker into your existing apps and website. Mailgun’s proprietary algorithm can:

  1. Make an SMTP call and check if a mailbox exists before you send an email. We ping the email server, look at MX records, evaluate the domain name, and do mailbox verification for email accounts in real-time so you get accurate results and only send to real contacts.

  2. Build new lists and maintain your existing email list with bulk email list verification so every new address you add is a valid email.

  3. Keep your bounce rate under control by monitoring when emails go inactive, undeliverable, or if you’ve fallen into a spam trap.

Start verifying with a free account, using an affordable email verification tool to check email addresses for red flags. Catch disposable email, role-based addresses, and more with Mailgun — so you can breathe easier.

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