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Email’s Not Dead Season 3 is finally here

Season 3 of our podcast Email's Not Dead is here! Our hosts Jonathan Torres and Eric Trinidad are ready to discuss the latest developments from the email world.



The wait is finally over - Email’s Not Dead is back!

A lot has happened since we wrapped up Season 2. Our hosts and email connoisseurs Jonathan Torres and Eric Trinidad are here to discuss the latest developments – we’re looking at you, Apple Mail Privacy Policy – and news from the email world.

Email’s Not Dead: Mailgun’s email podcast

Wait - you haven’t heard of Email’s Not Dead yet? *gasps*

Email’s Not Dead is Mailgun’s podcast about...well, email. But more than that, Email’s Not Dead is a podcast where we level up our industry by sharing stories and cutting-edge ideas, with a side order of laughter for good measure. 

Email isn’t dead, but to keep it alive, we need to change how we think about it. To do this, hosts J.T. and Eric dive into the email underworld and come back out with a distinctive look at the way developers and marketers send email.

"We love to talk about email. We love to hear about it too. That has only made our knowledge stronger, and while we don’t always use all of the advice we get, having it in our pocket for the right moment is great to have."

If you missed Season 1 and 2 of Email’s Not Dead, don’t worry - you can catch all of our previous episodes on our Podcast page

Welcome to Season 3 of Email’s Not Dead 

In the new season of Email’s Not Dead, we’re going deep... Over the course of eight episodes, we’ll explore how the email landscape has changed over the last few months and the different elements at play when you send a campaign – everything from DMARC to the recent Apple Mail update, and the secrets behind great email empathy and accessibility.

"Seasons 1 and 2 had some great basics when it comes to the deliverability of email. We want to go deeper in Season 3 and take a look at specific situations to be aware of and tools that we can use to help our journey along. "

J. T. and Eric won’t be alone, though. During Season 3, they’ll talk to our very own experts and some of our friends in the industry - email gurus, we like to call them - to learn more about the complex world of email and help listeners send better, more meaningful campaigns directly to their recipients’ inboxes. 

Catch the first episode

Our first episode in Season 3 is out now, and we’re discussing the email topic of the year – the Apple Privacy Policy update! Join us as we talk about what we've seen since the update was released, how opens fit into your email strategy, and what to expect in the future.

Tune in with your ear buddies at Email's Not Dead:

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