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If you don’t use an email template when producing an email newsletter, it’s like building a house without a blueprint. Email templates enable you to easily create robust, effective email newsletters.

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An Important Part of Your Email Marketing Strategy

If you want to optimize and streamline your email marketing strategy, email newsletter templates are a must. 70% of consumers who have a strong emotional engagement with a brand spend up to twice as much as those who don’t. Email newsletters can help your brand boost that emotional engagement – and boost sales.


What Are Email Newsletter Templates?

Simply put, newsletter templates are customizable, easy-to-use tools for building stylish, professional, high-quality email newsletters. Armed with Mailjet's email template gallery and powerful email builder, you can design email newsletters without being a design pro or experienced developer. Once you’ve created email newsletters with email templates, you can regularly send out helpful information and product-related news to current and prospective customers.


Why Are Email Newsletter Templates Important?

Building your own email newsletters and coding email HTML files from scratch is a hassle. That’s why savvy email marketers rely on newsletter templates and drag and drop editors. This can dramatically increase efficiency in distributing newsletters to your email lists.

Whether you choose free email templates or premium, they typically come with color schemes, responsive layouts, and other features that simplify the email newsletter process. With Mailjet, you can start off free and upgrade when you need advanced features like template management. The more templates you create the more complicated it becomes to manage them, so Mailjet lets you organize and tag your email templates for a perfectly organized gallery.

Mailjet offers responsive email templates that not only works on mobile phones or any other type of mobile device, but also renders properly across major email clients like gmail, Apple mail, and Yahoo. As we know, responsive email is effective email.

Incorporating Email Newsletter Templates into Your Strategy

A number of companies offer email newsletter templates, including Antwort, Campaign Monitor, Google, MailChimp, WordPress, and ZURB. The array of options meets an array of needs, depending on the size of your email campaigns and your email marketing budget. Typically, free newsletter templates are available, along with help centers, video tutorials, and other tools to take the guesswork out of email design.

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Start Sending Your Newsletter Emails

Once you’ve decided on a provider of email newsletter templates, you’ll need an email service provider like Mailjet to send your newsletter emails. With Mailjet, you’ll always enjoy best-in-class deliverability to every email address on your list.

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Other features

Explore Beyond Newsletter Templates

Mailgun has a variety of features for companies needing to improve their email newsletter templates.

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