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As part of your email marketing strategy, blast email templates can help you avoid the time-consuming task of having to design each HTML email from scratch, every time you want to send a new blast.

Streamline your email marketing with free email blast templates

Hands up: who here spends too many hours crafting perfect email blasts for your next marketing campaign? Yeah, we thought so.

Email blasts are one-off email marketing campaigns typically sent to the majority of your subscribers. They may be email newsletters, product launches, event or webinar invitations, or tutorials. Email blasts can be triggered, like new subscriber welcome emails, reengagement campaigns, or ecommerce transactions, but more often, they’re created, scheduled, and sent as a single marketing campaign.

That’s a lot of work for an email. That’s where email blast templates come in. They help you avoid the time-consuming task of having to painstakingly code each HTML email from scratch every time you want to send a new blast.

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The secret marketing tool for every email

It’s not fancy email marketing software (though that’s important too!). It’s well-designed email templates that make it easy to send out a bulk email campaign or mailing list blast whenever you have something exciting or new to share.

Guess what? There’s all kinds of low-cost or even free templates that help make the design process more efficient. Email development tools like template builders let you build a unique campaign that suits your brand without worrying over the details.

Forget hours of CSS customization or fiddling with tags. Grab a template from our extensive library and you’ll be able to get going in no time. While you’re there, Mailjet has all the marketing features you need, like automation, segmentation, and A/B testing.

You don’t have to have the best email design team to have the best emails

Whether you have an event to promote, a product to sell, or news to share, there’s an email template that can help you get your message across. For small businesses without a developer on staff, the beauty of many email template tools is that you can actually use a drag-and-drop editor to bring in your branded logo, headers, background images, and CTA so you can customize the look of the design.

No matter which tool or solution you use, you want your email template to be:

  • Clean and consistent designs that focus on the messaging

  • Eye-catching and in-line with your branding

  • User-friendly and accessible

You can use the same design template moving forward for all your email blasts. Having a consistent email newsletter template improves open rates since your subscribers will recognize and look forward to your content in their inboxes.

You could also create a unique template when you’re sending different kinds of messages or targeting different segments of your email list. For instance, a business email template you send to partners might have a different look than an email template geared toward your Millennial or Gen-Z audience.

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How to choose the best template for your email marketing campaigns

The whole point of using an email template is to simplify your life. Here are some key attributes to look for:

  • Email testing: Will the email template render well on a mobile device and across various email clients? Look for responsive email templates and use an email testing tool so you know exactly how each send looks in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and more.

  • Customization: You’d never send out the same subject line twice, so why not play with the design? Swap out colors, add a CTA, and make tweaks as you go using an email template builder.

  • Budget: What’s in your budget? Although there are many free email templates online, you might consider going with a low-cost option if you can’t find ones that fit your digital marketing needs. The good news is once you choose a great template, it can bring in a big return on your investment.

A responsive email template is just the beginning

Valuable content and a great template aren’t the only elements of a good email campaign. More importantly, you have to make sure that your message actually gets delivered. That starts with building a strong email list of valid addresses, managing your email reputation, and monitoring your performance.

Don’t worry, we can help with that.

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Start sending better blast emails

Are you an API enthusiast who needs to send transactional emails via a robust platform that scales to infinity? Are you working among a marketing team and need stunning emails and solid marketing features to engage a large audience?

Whether you want to improve your transactional email open rates or ramp up your digital marketing efforts with a great email newsletter, Mailjet is dedicated to top-notch deliverability best practices.

Depending on your needs, choosing Mailjet means high level deliverability and expert services. Our dedicated teams of experts will keep your message out of the spam folder and maximize your marketing automation efforts.

It’s our number one focus - so all of your hard work building your strategy and creating your email program doesn’t go undelivered.

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