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Free email API for easy sending

Send, receive, and track emails with Mailgun’s free email API. You can quickly integrate with our RESTful APIs to get reliable email delivery of your important messages.

Using Mailgun's free email API

For companies that need to send frequent marketing and transactional emails to their audiences, it can be a challenge to find the right email service provider. Email marketing is about more than sending out customized campaigns and tracking analytics—it’s also about ensuring reliability and deliverability.

Many of the most common service providers, including, limit the number of emails that can be sent simultaneously, and up to 20% of legitimate messages from commercial senders end up in spam folders. While it can help to embrace best practices, such as double-opt in permissions, frequent list-scrubbing, and appropriate email authentications, it can become more difficult to follow proper list management protocol as your recipient list scales to the thousands, or even the millions.

You may quickly find that your list is corrupted by spam bots, and that your campaigns are falling flat due to poor open rates, bounced messages, and delivery to spam folders. In some cases, you may even see your IP address blocklisted and throttled by certain email service providers as your sender reputation score declines with each bulk mail.

If you’re focused on high-volume email marketing, your company needs an email service provider that’s able to provide the technology and support team to optimize your email deliverability and enhance your sender reputation.

Mailgun’s free email API is up to the task.

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Sending email messages with your API key

When you’re ready to get started using Mailgun’s email delivery service, you’ll be able to find a personalized API key in your user dashboard. Mailgun has published client libraries for a variety of programming languages, including Python, Ruby, Java, and C. View code samples for each language.

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An email service designed for high performance

Mailgun’s free email API gives you the ability to send emails at scale. Use your API key to take the stress out of email marketing, with features such as:

  • Automated warmup of dedicated IP addresses and isolation of each sending domain to protect your reputation

  • Batch sending of up to 1,000 personalized emails at a time

  • Email delivery monitoring and optimization

  • Email segmentation for simple A/B testing

  • The ability to schedule email delivery

Our RESTful API makes it simple to use standard HTTP operations, providing outputs in flexible data formats, including application/JSON. If you prefer a different configuration, you can also send emails directly through SMTP servers.

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