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Free transactional email service

Send your transactional emails for free whenever a user performs a specific action by integrating an email delivery service into your application.

Why you need a transactional email service

From account creation to customer support and password resets to order confirmations, customers have come to expect a real-time inbox delivery almost every time they interact with an online brand. When a customer’s action triggers a brand’s site to send email, those emails are known as transactional emails. Unlike other types of email marketing and marketing email campaigns, transactional emails have incredibly high open rates — for a reason. The customer is expecting this kind of correspondence, and missing a popular transactional email may even confuse and frustrate them.

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How to send transactional emails

If transactional emails establish and guide the customer relationship, developers must do everything in their power to make sure that email delivery doesn’t get snagged in a spam folder or thwarted by the email delivery send limits set by Google and other email hosts. Building and maintaining your own SMTP server is one option, but most developers would rather avoid the hassle, expense and security risk. Instead, they send emails by SMTP relay or API through a cloud-based, third-party email service. Mailgun’s transactional email service allows you to send emails in real time with the highest delivery rates and lowest fear of spam folders or send limits.

Choosing a free transactional email service

When comparing which email service providers handle this marketing automation the best, you’ll want to size up a few features: Email validation: If the email addresses on your email list are bogus, you’re wasting money by sending marketing email to nonexistent inboxes. But you’re also hurting your sender reputation with excessive bounces and returned emails. That could cause email clients, like Google’s Gmail, to throttle your IP address. Dynamic algorithms: Free or not, if a transactional email service tries to push through hundreds or thousands of emails within the same timeframe, those non-spam emails could still wind up in customers’ spam folders. What you want instead is a cloud-based SMTP relay with a dynamic send queue, like Mailgun. Our transaction email service adjusts send rates based on everything from your sender reputation to recipient email limits to the warmth of your IP address. Personalization: Each customer (and email address) is unique, and their email marketing should be as well. Developers can send email that’s tailored to the situation and personalized — in real time. Every email marketing expert knows that extra touch matters when people are reaching out to the customer support team. But it’s just as crucial across the customer journey, from the very first message intended for inbox delivery. Analytics: You want to know more than how many transactional emails were triggered in a set period. Let’s talk inbox delivery rates, open rates, click-throughs and A/B tests — so the brains behind your email marketing and transactional emails can continue to refine their magic.

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