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An email platform for developers

Sending, receiving, and tracking emails through your own mail server and email infrastructure is not only complex, it’s downright painful. Especially when you want to get back to building your app. Mailgun solves hard email problems so you don’t have to. The platform offers RESTful APIs, clear documentation with code examples, high levels of security, and reliable email delivery for developers.

Developers need flexible email service solutions

Mailgun’s email tools are designed API first with programmers and developers in mind. Our email API allows you to send transactional email or bulk email through your app. With an SMTP Relay and HTTP API, you can get your email integration up and running right away. Send emails from your domain with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC customization and protect your sending reputation. Our API allows you to scale quickly, avoiding the messy details that come with sending out a large batch of email content. To make integration easier, we include client libraries for most popular programming languages including Python, Ruby, Java, and PHP. And if you hit any roadblocks, there’s a dedicated support team available 24/7 that speaks your programming language. When you have a robust email infrastructure that fits your needs, you can spend more time on email content and powerful templating.

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Why Mailgun is the right choice for you

Developers want and need an adaptable solution that can be tailored to their own use case. Mailgun provides a robust, reliable, and scalable email delivery platform to support your technical needs.

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Full transparency into your emails

Mailgun gives you full transparency into your email deliveries with logs and analytics. You can track message performance based on email service providers, device type, and location. This means you can easily evaluate open and click-through rates, assess the importance of designing for mobile devices, and get a higher return the next time you send to your email list. If a delivery failure occurs, we deliver detailed log feedback to diagnose the problem quickly. In addition to providing searchable, real-time logs of event data, you can also make sure you have a valid email address from the start by integrating Mailgun’s email validation API into your web forms.

Inbound email parsing and routing

Our email API also offers robust email parsing and routing features, making inbound processing simple and streamlined. Avoid throws and achieve high levels of email delivery.

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Get started with the API for free

Try our free service and increase your email delivery rates with the favorite email service for developers.

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Mailgun has a variety of features for developers looking to integrate email into their applications.

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