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Postmark alternatives

Postmark alternatives for better email deliverability

You’re sending only transactional mails today, not promotional emails, but it may not be that way forever. Work with a transactional email service provider that gives you the choice to make email marketing messages part of your growth strategy.

Send more than just transactional messages

With Mailgun’s powerful APIs, you can start building the sending reputation for your domains in the same place, so you don’t have to spend time looking for an email marketing solution. When you’re ready to take on that newsletter or one-to-many communications with your users – you can! Postmark’s limited option for email senders only covers transactional email for web apps, and does not allow any kind of newsletter, announcements, or promotional emails to be sent on their platform.

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Take control of your sending reputation

Mailgun makes it easy to prevent delivery problems that come up from sending emails too quickly. Unlike Postmark, which doesn’t provide senders with a dedicated IP address if they’re sending under 300k daily messages, Mailgun offers a free dedicated IP starting at 100k emails included on our paid plans, to let you take charge of your growth. We’re confident in the quality of our shared IP pools to get your marketing and transactional messages to the inbox with high delivery rates, but no two senders are the same (especially high-volume senders). Mailgun wants you to be prepared for spikes in email volume to avoid deliverability issues. With Postmarkapp, you risk doing too little, too late. Should your email needs change, you’ll face the setback of having to start over with ISPs like Google to build up your IP reputation for great deliverability.

Get started today

Mailgun’s flexibility to send both marketing email and transactional messages is why developers and engineers recommend us on G2 Crowd among transactional email providers that deliver great results. Sign up on our pricing page and get started with a free trial today!

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Free emails that actually let you test

Every single new Mailgun account gets free emails to test with. With a Postmark account, you only get 100 test emails free per month, not enough to scale to the right volume of emails as your web app grows. With Mailgun’s email service, you can take your time on the free tier to figure out how much email you really need to send through your web app. A support team that can help 24×7 is just a ticket away if you need to troubleshoot (even on the free plan), along with live chat and phone support to take urgent support requests for customers on paid plans.

Do more with email

We’ve built an email verification service right into Mailgun’s email delivery platform, to help you protect your signup forms from bot attacks and fake accounts, handle email list management for marketing messages, and enable email authentication using Laravel to reach the right people. Know if an email address actually has a mailbox to match, if it passes RFC grammar checks specific to Gmail and Yahoo, or if it’s a risky contact that could affect your sending reputation. Postmark does not provide an email address verification service on its platform.

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