Postmark alternatives

Postmark alternatives for better email deliverability

For businesses in need of a transactional email provider, some may choose Postmark for its affordability, email API, and core services. However, if you also need a reliable company that can handle additional needs like email marketing and helps protect your sender reputation with vigilant email validation, there are Postmark alternatives you should consider. Amazon SES, Mailchimp, Elastic Email, Mandrill, Sendgrid, and others may come to mind, and each have their strengths, but Mailgun can provide the whole email delivery platform package.

Getting more advanced features

While Postmark prides itself on offering managed IPs and strong customer service for a low cost, many businesses require more advanced, premium services in order to scale their marketing automation programs. Here are some other perks that might be worth paying for:

Email marketing support

Some businesses have email newsletters and other marketing campaigns in addition to their transactional email delivery needs. Postmark’s services are for transactional emails only, while Mailgun can support a variety of email delivery through API calls or SMTP servers.

Hands on help

Mailgun offers phone, chat, and email support with a team that speaks your language, whether that’s Python or Ruby. With Mailgun’s Email Deliverability Services, you also gain access to your very own dedicated email expert and ongoing account guidance.

A dedicated IP address, no matter your size

Postmark says dedicated IPs are available at no charge, but read the fine print—that’s only for their high-volume senders. While Mailgun charges customers for a dedicated IP address, it comes loaded with additional features like automated IP warmup to help you start sending on the right foot.

Look beyond the sticker price

Although it may seem like all Postmark alternatives will stretch your budget, other businesses stand out against the competition. Mailgun’s platform also comes with data analytics and activity logs, and there is no limit on customer support tickets. Our platform is ideal for clients who are just starting out, at the enterprise level, growing at scale, or who want to test different email delivery services before choosing the best one for their transactional email and email marketing needs.

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Postmark is solid. Mailgun goes above and beyond.

If you’re looking for a transactional email only platform, Postmark might be sufficient for you. But Mailgun can offer you something that no other Postmark alternatives can – email verifications. With the Managed Service, a dedicated email expert can go over your contact lists to ensure that they are as clean as can be to not only reduce bounce rates but avoid getting blocklisted and throttled by Google’s Gmail and others. What’s more is that Mailgun also offers the ability to schedule email delivery as well as A/B testing – two features that are not available from Postmark.

Get started today

If you’re looking for a Postmark alternative with easy integration that can handle both transactional email and email campaigns, give Mailgun a try—you won’t be disappointed. Start your free trial today. Sending over 100,000 messages per month? Check out our plans to bundle together features for better deliverability.

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