Sergey Obukhov

Software Developer at Mailgun by Sinch

Latest stories by Sergey Obukhov

How to prevent outbound spam

Spam sucks. That’s the long and short of it. We’ve talked about how to identify and prevent spam, but what if you’re part of the problem? We’re talking about outbound spam exiting...

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Avoiding the blind spots of missing data with machine learning

You have a project, and you want to apply machine learning to it. You start simple: add one feature, collect data, create a model. You...

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Is your A/B test bullshit?

Everybody knows about A/B tests; You have version A and version B and want to know which one is better. You show some people...

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Open sourcing our email signature parsing library

Back in 2011, we had several customers ask us for a high level message parsing API that they could use to strip signatures and quotes...

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