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Email Scams: How to spot and avoid them

Not to be dramatic but falling victim to email scams can destroy a person’s life, cripple a business, cost millions of dollars, and waste countless hours of time. The worst part is...

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Why you shouldn’t count on the ADPPA and Privacy Shield 2.0

There’s been a lot of buzz around bipartisan U.S. legislation that may eventually become a federal law on data privacy protection. Plus, the U.S. and EU have come to an agreement...

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12 tips for email rendering across different email clients and devices

You’ve worked with an email designer to create a great email marketing campaign. You’ve made sure your mailing list is up to date. Now it’s time to get sending. But wait — why are...

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The magic behind successful email open rates

So you’ve integrated email into your platform or app. But how can you know whether your users are reading your messages? After all, sending an email is one thing, but ensuring...

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Email metrics explained: Understanding email performance

A trip to your email analytics dashboard usually comes before a team meeting or after a product owner asks how many email subscribers are viewing content on a mobile device...

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Tips and tricks for scheduling email delivery

Picture this: You're on vacation, but your email marketers don't want to miss the optimal window to send an email to your subscribers. They need you to get the email out, but...

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How to use email-safe fonts and typography for accessibility

In the digital realm, web accessibility means developing elements in websites or emails to bypass any temporal, situational, or permanent disability. After all, you want to help your...

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This is why your data privacy is so important

There’s been yet another shift in the ever-changing world of data privacy, and we wanted to make sure (as always) that we’re keeping you aware of the changes. So, here we go...

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HIPAA compliance and email: What you need to know

HIPAA is all about protecting and securing patient information. Even if you don’t send marketing emails, you’ll still send transactional and informational emails to...

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