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When transactional email preps 4 million contracts for e-signature every month

Anthony Sims, Marketing Director at SIGNiX, tells us what it’s like to make the switch and partner with an email service provider that gets those notifications delivered to the inbox. Read more...



Transactional emails spring people to action – especially when they’re the only thing standing in the way of happy clients and their dream home. For senders like SIGNiX, reliability is critical to successfully process e-signatures on time.

Anthony Sims, Marketing Director at SIGNiX, tells us what it’s like to make the switch and partner with an email service provider that gets those notifications delivered to the inbox.

What convinced the team at SIGNiX to look for an Email Service Provider?

We were managing email ourselves and the volume became too much to take on without help. Deliverability and consistency in delivering email are both critically important since we use email as the primary notification mechanism for our digital signature service. If the emails don’t go out, it’s difficult for investors to sign up and manage their accounts.

Were there any hurdles that Mailgun helped you overcome?

Mailgun helps us with reporting, as well as managing suppressions on our recipient lists. We can now notify clients when emails bounce and provide next steps in order to get their work completed.

What does your typical sending schedule for email look like?

Since our emails are transactional, it’s highly dependent on our clients’ schedules. If something needs to be signed, we’ll send a transactional email depending on the trigger the User has initiated. Our service is available 24×7, so our emails go out around the clock.

What were the changes in email performance that you saw from working with Mailgun?

Much happier clients! By outsourcing this critical work, we can focus on other aspects of our system performance. We’re also able to better support our clients when minor problems with emails arise. 

Could you give an example of how you’re more strategic in your business as a result of working with Mailgun?

One of our major strategic advantages over the competition is the level of customer service and support that we offer our clients. Having access to Mailgun’s platform allows us to see real-time email performance and provide feedback to clients on the phone or through our online ticket service. 

But there’s more to this story. Check out what SIGNiX and the team at Mailgun did to earn a high domain and IP reputation with Google and Yahoo.

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