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Email spam checker

Finding out your email landed in spam is incredibly frustrating. With an email spam checker and seed testing tool, you can know exactly where your message will land before you send.

Understanding the value of email spam checkers

Email spam is something we can’t seem to avoid. By one measure, email spam represented nearly 40 percent of all email traffic around the world in 2017. For the recipient, email spam is a hassle – not only eating up time deleting junk but also carrying the potential of malware getting on your computer with just one click of a link.

The prevalence of email spam makes it more difficult for legitimate emails to reach their intended recipients, and that can definitely hamper any email marketing program by triggering deliverability issues. For a business sending a high volume of messages as part of an email marketing campaign, an email spam checker is a critical tool to improve your email deliverability, boost your IP reputation, and keep your business off common blocklists.

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How an email spam checker works

Ultimately, the goal is to prevent your mail servers from being blocked and prevent your email marketing messages from ending up in a recipient’s spam folder. An online spam checker achieves this by checking your IP addresses or domain names against common blocklists.

The spam checker also looks at email content and subject lines to ensure your legitimate messages won’t be flagged as spam messages. The test results you receive are designed to give you the best spam score and to enable you to tweak content, subject lines, and other components of an email marketing campaign.

Why use an email spam checker

For email marketers, sending multiple emails as part of a campaign already is enough of a challenge. According to one estimate, about one-fifth of permission-based emails sent by legitimate marketers land in recipients’ spam folders. Without using an online spam checker, your emails stand an even greater chance of being marked as spam, thus creating delivery issues that could have been avoided.

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Improve your deliverability with Mailgun

While Mailgun does not provide email spam checks within the control panel, our Managed Service can run checks for you and proactively monitor your reputation. No matter what tool you use, it’s smart to be proactive about spam checking so you can ensure your IP reputation is unblemished, your delivery rates are solid, and your email campaigns yield positive results.

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Explore beyond email spam tools

Mailgun has a variety of features for companies in need of combating email spam.

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