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Real-time email validation service

Get better results from your email campaigns and protect your platform from bots. Know what’s real and what’s not with Mailgun’s real-time API.

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Real email addresses, real customers

The start of a great relationship with a prospect, customer, or partner usually comes with one key piece of information: their email address. But did you know that 72% of respondents to a recent Mailgun survey said they had multiple email accounts? The data shows that most people have between two and three, which could mean someone could have one or two personal addresses, and an additional one for promotions, discounts, and other general B2C emails.

That’s a lot of email addresses floating around. It’s no surprise, then, that plenty of people fill out forms or pop-up windows with typos, incorrect domains, or junk email addresses that clog up your list of email addresses with bad emails.

The inbox is a personal place. Every single email address on your list should represent a real person who is interested in what you have to offer, whether that’s content, discounts, or newsletters. Using an email list verification like Mailgun cleans your email list and makes sure you’re getting more out of every email marketing campaign.

Improve your data quality and send emails that convert. With email verification, you can stop wasting money on low-quality addresses. Remove invalid emails, eliminate hard bounces, and more.

The best defense against DDoS attacks and bot signups? A good offense.

Bad email addresses don’t just represent missed opportunities to connect with your customers and prospects. If you’re not paying attention to your email list, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to DDoS attacks and bots.

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Battle bots with email list cleaning

Eliminating the bots from your email list can do wonders for your deliverability rates. Your overall subscriber numbers may go down – but the value from each address goes up, as will your open rates and other metrics. Collecting high-quality email addresses with clean emails upfront delivers higher conversion rates down the funnel.

Bot attacks can turn into full-blown DDoS if detected too late. Identify invalid email addresses before they cause problems with email verifications on your web and signup forms. Secure your website forms with Mailgun’s email validation API – the fastest in the industry. It’s a simple security measure with a massive impact.

An email verification tool with security in mind

Most email marketers don’t find out about spam traps until it’s too late. Getting marked as spam can sting, but the impact on your email deliverability is far greater if you don’t remove them right away.

You can get ahead of potential spam complaints by filtering out catch-all group email addresses like “support@" or “info@" or disposable email inboxes with Mailgun’s email validator.

With regulations like CAN-SPAM and GDPR, getting your data in order is even more important. Decrease bounce rate and other dings on your sender reputation with an email cleaning service so you know you’re only sending email marketing campaigns to the people who want to hear from you

Results for an email verification check.

Building a better email marketing program starts with reliable data

Find a better way to manage your CRM data, starting with real email addresses that won’t bounce. You can easily integrate Mailgun’s email validation API into your Salesforce CRM or any other CRM system to collect valid email addresses for your contacts. Learn more >

Clean your email list with a 3-point check

Verify your entire email list at once and reduce email bounce rates. Easily identify valid emails, role-based addresses, typos and more. Our validation tool goes beyond simple grammar rules – we check directly with the mailbox for verification for accuracy you can rely on.

  • mailbox/MX verification

  • role-based address verification

  • disposable address verification

  • RFC grammar rule check

  • suggestions on suspected typos

A line art graphic illustration showing email verification.
A graphic illustration of email verification.

Protect Your List From Typos

“Did you mean”

People make typos all the time. Email providers like can easily become Or Gmail can become When mistakes like these happen (and they will happen!), you can miss out on connecting with that customer.

That’s why we built a suggestion service into our Email validation service that checks for grammar, syntax, and other common typos. When we have a suggestion for common typos, we’ll return it along with invalid status, so you can offer the suggestion to your user.

Get started with email validation

Mailgun is an email provider that offers a variety of tools and services that complement our bulk email verification and email validation services. Learn more about our developer tools like DNS lookups, MX, and A-record lookups, or explore more products that can help your CRM efforts like automation or inbox placement.

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