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How does Mailgun stack up against SparkPost alternatives?

Dealing with email servers that don’t support outbound SMTP can be time consuming. Save time and resources by integrating Mailgun’s email API to your web app. With 7x more active installations on WordPress sites than Sparkpost, Mailgun’s email delivery service is the go-to for website and application developers looking to send transactional mails, tried and tested by senders of all sizes since 2010.

Keep sending at your own pace

Great email deliverability doesn’t happen quickly. With Mailgun’s email service, you can take your time on the free tier to figure out how much email you really need to send through your web app. A support team member that can help is just a ticket away if you need to troubleshoot (even on the free plan). Sparkpost doesn’t give any ongoing ticket support to free accounts, and you have to send at least 150k messages to get a free dedicated IP. With Mailgun, all paid subscription plans include a dedicated IP address, so if you can easily separate your high volume transactional email from other emails on a shared IP.

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Expert services

Who's monitoring your email reputation?

Do you know who is daily monitoring your IPs and email sending reputation? Get an expert on your side with Mailgun's Deliverability Services. Don’t wait until you learn the hard way, you need to have someone daily looking out for your email deliverability reputation.

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Only send messages to valid email addresses

Mailgun makes it easy to prevent deliverability issues that come up from sending to invalid email addresses. We’ve built an email verification service into our email delivery platform to help you with email list management and email authentication using Laravel to reach the right people. Know if an email address actually has a mailbox to match, or if it’s a risky contact that could affect your sending reputation. Sparkpost doesn’t do this directly on their platform – you have to integrate an external email validation service and manage multiple vendors.

Choose where you send email

Streamline your billing and account access through the same UI for a better interface – even if you’re sending marketing emails and transactional messages from multiple regions. As your email service provider, Mailgun can provision resources that process recipient data and send outgoing emails entirely within the EU to exceed the standards of GDPR compliance. Easily toggle between two regions and send from the EU or the US through the same account. Sparkpost as your email provider requires that you create two separate accounts to manage your sending domains for the EU and the US.

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Explore beyond SparkPost

Mailgun has a variety of features for companies considering an alternative to SparkPost.

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Ensure every email hits the inbox

Email verification

Email logs

Email analytics

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