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Bulk email services

Build your bulk email strategy to get in front of more of your mailing list. With a bulk email service like Mailgun, you can easily send email campaigns that build awareness and raise interest in your products and services.

What is bulk email?

Bulk email is a broad term referring to a wide-range of email marketing sent to a long list at the same time. Bulk email services broadcast messages to a mass email list, whereas transactional emails are targeted to a single user based on an action that user completed. As with all mass email messages, only send to subscribers who have added their email address to your contact list and opted in to receive marketing emails from you. And don’t forget to include an unsubscribe link in every message.

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Types of bulk email

You can send emails to your complete email mailing list or target emails to a specific subset of subscribers. When you combine an eye-catching email template and subject line with Mailgun’s email service focused on email delivery for developers, your email marketing campaigns become more effective no matter what kind of email marketing you’re doing.

  • Promotional emails are marketing emails designed to attract attention, promote a sale, and build awareness. This email campaign can target both prospects and existing customers in your contact list to inform them about other products and services that are appropriate for them.

  • Email newsletters keep your subscribers informed of what’s happening with your brand. This bulk email should go beyond updates about your offerings. Provide how-to guides and other useful insights that help customers effectively leverage your product or service.

  • Acquisition emails encourage prospects in your email list to convert into actual customers. These email campaigns target readers on your contact list who have expressed interest but haven’t made a purchase yet. You can share special offers and detailed information that helps them see the value in your offering.

  • Retention emails boost customer loyalty and keep them coming back for purchases. Send this bulk email to customers who aren’t opening your emails, with special offers designed to grab their attention.

What to look for in a bulk email service

When you send emails, you want to make sure they’re delivered and get a response. Email marketing solutions from Mailgun provide bulk email services that give insight into see how mailbox providers like Google’s gmail are handling your marketing campaigns. It’s as easy to send marketing emails to customers and prospects as it is to send transactional emails in response to a customer’s interaction.

As an email service provider, Mailgun focuses on providing tools that support marketing automation and deliverability. Partner with Mailgun to ensure your email marketing campaign results in increased email delivery, a higher open rate, and more customers gained and retained.

Valuable bulk email tools

When sending bulk emails, having the following tools from Mailgun can be extremely valuable to your email marketing efforts:

  • Real-Time Email Validation API ensures your email list’s email addresses are valid, reducing wasted expense and boosting your sender reputation.

  • Rapid Fire Throughput SLA lets you send emails fast and ensures your time-sensitive email marketing messages get delivered without delay.

  • Deliverability Services provide technical expertise to help design a deliverability strategy and ensure your bulk email marketing and other messages get to the inbox.

  • Email Analytics let you see how your email list’s subscribers are responding to your messages so you can update your email marketing strategy to increase its effectiveness.

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