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We’re excited to announce the Mailgun Maverick Program!

There’s nothing like an anniversary to make us feel like our community is the best of the best, and Mailgun is celebrating a pretty big one—10 years of helping hundreds of thousands of leading brands and loyal users around the world send billions of emails. But we didn’t get there alone. Our success was built on the mavericks who helped us grow and innovate. And, as we look to the future, we want to continue to grow our community by recognizing and celebrating passionate Mailgun users. 

What is the Maverick Program?  

The Maverick Program is our global network of email experts who actively engage in our community by helping their fellow developers, product leaders, and marketers. 

These Maverick experts challenge the status quo of what customer email experiences should be. They’re building stronger online communities, and they know that every community member can use a helping hand. Mavericks are eager to share their knowledge and respond to others' needs creatively and excellently. 

Who is the Maverick Program for?

Through the Mailgun Maverick Program, we seek to build a community of experts, advocates, and enthusiasts who actively engage with us and with one another to help other developers, product leaders, and marketers. Mavericks will do this by imparting knowledge, brainstorming new ideas, and playing beach volleyball (okay, maybe not that).

In addition to their expertise and helpfulness, Mavericks showcase our core values in their everyday lives. These values are:

  • Authenticity: We’re all about being authentic versions of ourselves, and working together to use both our differences and similarities. It’s our wealth of ideas, approaches, and solutions that solve the toughest problems.

  • Performance: We commit ourselves to going above and beyond in our work and providing our customer base with 100% of our focus, care, and service. We strive for excellence, whether that means solving a complicated problem or sending the perfect GIF in one of our group chats.

  • Human: We’re human. We learn from both mistakes and success, and we help one another to achieve our full potential. We react genuinely to the tasks at hand, and we work together to ensure that they’re done well and with consideration.

  • Ownership: We take ownership of everything we do. When something needs our attention, we keep ourselves accountable and focus on delivering great results.

  • Evolution: We evolve naturally to suit our needs and those of our customers. We’re constantly looking for better ways to work, serve, and collaborate that will help create an ever-growing and ever-improving Mailgun.

These Mavericks, their values, and the creativity and innovation that grow from them are key components in the next phase of Mailgun’s evolution. We want to recognize contributions to the Mailgun community such as: advocating on social media platforms, building online communities, writing blog posts, and speaking at events, webinars, and podcasts to name a few. 

Join us as we create a community for the next 10 years and beyond.

What are the perks?

Are you wondering, what’s in it for me? Why do I want to be a Maverick? Wonder no more—being a Maverick comes with the opportunity to participate in exclusive events, receive insider looks at new products and services, and so much more.

Mavericks will enjoy these perks:

  • Insider look at product releases

  • Maverick swag

  • Invitations to Mailgun sponsored events

  • Access to teams inside Mailgun

  • Invitations to challenges to earn prizes

  • Help promoting your events, projects, and more.

Plus, you can listen to “Danger Zone”, like, all the time.

How do I become a Maverick?

Does this sound like you? If so, we’d love to have you join the program.

All you need to do is apply online. Maverick application submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. 

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