Mailgun joins Sinch: The future of customer communications is here

Today, Mailgun officially becomes part of the Sinch family. Learn about the possibilities of our combined product sets and discover an easier path to go omnichannel.



Today marks a special day in the life of Mailgun. Back in September, we announced we had entered an agreement to be acquired by Sinch. Since then, we've been patiently waiting for the deal to close. And now, it's finally here – today, we officially become part of the Sinch family!

We're thrilled about this next move and what it'll mean to our customers, and we’re sure you will be too once you learn about all the possibilities of our combined product sets. While Mailgun will remain a standalone brand focused on email, this new chapter as part of Sinch gives our customers a much easier path to go omnichannel and adopt additional messaging APIs. 

We’re email geeks through and through, but why limit ourselves to one channel when we can add more?

The future of customer communications

Nowadays, customer communications happen across a range of different channels, platforms, and devices. In a world where connected experiences are the norm, it made no sense for email to be siloed.

That’s where Mailgun’s email solution and Sinch’s conversational products become an unbeatable combination. Adding mobile messaging, voice, and video services to your email experience means you're not just focusing on the present of customer communications - you’re also getting ready to provide the experience the next generation demands.

Taking your email strategy to the next level

Don’t worry – email isn't going anywhere. It's the best channel for marketing ROI and has benefits no other medium can provide. But no communications channel can stand on its own.

Here’s how incorporating messaging and conversational APIs into the mix can help expand your reach and improve your user experience.

Advanced capabilities for your transactional messages

Someone’s registered to your platform or purchased something from your online store. Great – now what? 

Transactional notifications play a big role in your customer experience. From 2FA and identity verification to order or shipping confirmations, transactional messages are key for the day-to-day operations of all sorts of businesses around the world. And while email is still the preferred channel for these types of notifications, users around the world are now expecting brands to provide these updates across a variety of channels. 

Just imagine the possibilities: order confirmation emails that allow users to click through to a chatbot for continuous shipment tracking; user preference centers that enable customers to pick between SMS or email for delivery status updates; or even triggered emails with a link to a flash call verification when signing up for services that require additional validation.

At Mailgun, we have always been committed to creating the most reliable platform for developers to send these business-critical emails to their customers. Now, Sinch’s messaging and conversational APIs enable you to integrate additional channels to reach your customers where they are. Together, we offer users around the world the scalability and reliability their businesses need as they grow.

We can’t solve what we can’t control, but we can give you the tools you need to keep your business running and your customer satisfaction high.

New heights for your marketing campaigns

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to customers. While email is and will continue to be the top channel for ROI, that doesn't mean you'll hit the jackpot just by landing in the inbox. With nearly 20% of Americans receiving over 50 emails a day, it's essential to combine your campaigns with additional touchpoints.

In this day and age, your success comes down to providing a best-in-class customer experience and making it easy for your subscribers to complete their purchases. With Sinch’s messaging APIs, you’ll be able to deliver more targeted and effective messaging based on your users’ preferred form of communication.

What’s next

Can’t wait to incorporate Whatsapp to your shipment notification messages? Already trying to figure out how to pair up your password reset emails with SMS verification? 

Integrating a range of channels comes with its own set of challenges, but at Mailgun and Sinch, we have the most reliable infrastructure and the most experienced experts to guide you. Over the next few months, you’ll see us talk more and more about all the ways you can use omnichannel communications to build a better user experience for your customers. 

In the meantime, you can explore more about Sinch and start exploring new ways to build even bigger and better products in 2022.

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