Scary sending: Mailgun Halloween 2018

Halloween marks the start of the holidays for us here in the US, and a lot of marketing campaigns are ramping up right about now. Read more...



Halloween marks the start of the holidays for us here in the US, and a lot of marketing campaigns are ramping up right about now. Everyone can get easily stressed when creating these campaigns and might look towards sketchy practices to help their email campaigns.

Sketchy practices come in many forms, but one of the most common is email list buying. We’ve warned against list buying on our blog before, but showing is way better than telling.  Introducing: Tales of Terror from the Email Void!

Pretty terrifying, right? We wanted to make something that reflects some of the terrors that keep us at Mailgun up at night, and we had a ton of fun shooting the video over the past few weeks. We’d also like to shout out John Coker for composing the score for this video. There is one last thing we wanted to mention…

It’s spooky time at Mailgun, y’all

A lot has changed in the last few weeks. If you didn’t know — we’ve moved our office! Mailgun is still in the same building, but we’re now in a permanent location. What does that mean? Well for us that means really fancy desks, and we now have a better space for events!

What kind of events, That’s the best part – the event hosting world is our oyster. We now have a dedicated space to host visitors like our lovely partners as well as a great break area for internal get-togethers and neighborhood open houses.

The dust hasn’t exactly settled just yet as we make the final finishing touches around the office, but that didn’t stop us from having a Halloween shindig. Our San Antonio Mailgunners had an awesome time hanging out, playing games, raising money for charity, and competing in an office-wide costume contest.

All costumes and jokes aside, we’ll show off our office here pretty soon. Until then, from all of us here at Mailgun; have a safe and happy Halloween! Oh yeah, and happy sending. 

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