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Tips and strategies to ensure your email reaches its destination.

What is RFC 8058 and what does it have to do with one-click unsubscribe?

Bulk senders have had a lot of questions around what implementing a one-click unsubscribe process means since the requirement was announced by Gmail and Yahoo...

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What is a honeypot, and how does it impact email senders?

The moment Vesper Lynd slinks onto the screen in Casino Royale, you know exactly how this will all play out. Despite being a world-class spy, James Bond will fall hard for the...

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The DMARC perspective: Protecting your sending in the age of stricter enforcement

The world of email is undergoing a significant shift. With Google and Yahoo recently increasing enforcement on DMARC, many organizations are having to implement DMARC...

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What are SMTP commands and what do you need to know about them?

Why do we need SMTP commands and what do they do? Well, we use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) commands to communicate with email servers. These commands are...

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How to send bulk email: The dos and don’ts of mass email sending

Both transactional and marketing email messages can rely on sending massive amounts of email all at once. But while bulk is better when buying toilet paper, that’s not always the...

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How to keep your spam complaint rate low

It feels like a slap in the face. Or being dumped with the “it’s not you; it’s me” line. When an email subscriber marks one of your emails as spam, it feels like a betrayal. We were doing...

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Help! I'm on an email blocklist, how do I fix it?

If you find that either your domain name or IP address is on an email blocklist, it’s easy to freak out. You certainly wouldn’t be alone if you did. The term "email blocklist" was...

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What is Authenticated Received Chain and why should you care?

Authentication has been a top-of-mind topic in the email world for some time, but it feels like the buzz has grown after the announcements made by Google and Yahoo in October...

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Getting started with Google Postmaster Tools: Sender reputation

How’s your reputation? Your email sender reputation, that is. Your sender reputation can be the make-or-break factor for successfully landing in the inbox. It’s a score that an...

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Understanding the Gmail and Yahoo sender requirements: Takeaways from our fireside chat with Gmail and Yahoo

The inbox requirements for bulk senders announced by Google and Yahoo in October 2023 have shot through the community like panic up a spine. As with any big announcement it...

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