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Deliverability for developers: Insights from Sinch product leader Josh Odom

Email deliverability isn’t just a task for marketing, and the product, protocols, and features that impact it constantly change. So, what is key for developers? What aspects of...

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Deliverability services: Decoding deliverability with the experts

Deliverability is like operating a ham radio – it’s been around a while but most people don’t know how to use it. Like a radio, deliverability relies on external factors to transmit...

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How technical and marketing teams can join forces to support email deliverability

When your emails keep landing in spam or get blocked by mailbox providers, it’s a major cause for concern. Email is a communication channel with an incredible return on...

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How to send mass emails in Outlook (and why you shouldn’t)

You’ve done your market research, uploaded your contact list, and you’re ready to hit your subscribers with a mass email. If your business uses Microsoft Outlook you might wonder...

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Getting started with Microsoft SNDS: Sender reputation

Email deliverability relies heavily on sender reputation, but how do you monitor a reputation? The answer, of course, is it depends. When it comes to the world of mailbox...

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Inside the seedy underworld of spammers and phishers

We announced some improvements to our reputation algorithm which helps us fight spam while still welcoming new customers without setting arbitrary sending limits. The biggest...

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How to avoid landing in an email blocklist: Best practices

We can’t think of many things more immediately impactful to your deliverability than landing on a blocklist. Once you’ve been flagged, ISPs won’t let you through the gate into...

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The art of inboxing

Email has changed the world because of its openness, ubiquity and asynchronicity. Unfortunately, these traits also attract malicious users that are out to abuse the beauty of...

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5 phishing email warning signs

When you get an email from a company that you recognize, you assume that the message you get is legitimate, why wouldn’t it be?. Unfortunately, scammers have gotten...

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Email blasts: The dos and many don’ts of mass email sending

Email blasts are the undisputed powerhouses of email campaigns. Both transactional and marketing email messages can rely on sending massive amounts of email all at once...

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