5 benefits of AMP email for ecommerce

After Google’s announced about AMP email, there was a heated discussion about whether or not dynamic email would improve or not. Read more...

Over the past decade, the evolvement of SEO, social media, and mobile have been tremendous. But despite all the hype given to emerging technology innovations, email remains one of the most effective and reliable tools for ecommerce businesses to communicate with the clients and customers. 

While looking at the evolution of email, the process was slow and steady. Even though there have been some changes over time such as the opportunity to segment lists, the addition of visual details, etc., the main idea of sending static e-letters back and forth stayed substantially the same.

Recently, Google decided to breathe new life into an outdated, static email format and expand its possibilities. Earlier in Spring 2019, Google officially launched AMP for email functionality that helps you send interactive, engaging, and dynamic messages. So, let’s look closer at the brand-new technology and learn the vital advantages of AMP email for ecommerce.

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AMP for Email: Brief introduction  

Before uncovering the details about dynamic email, it is important to mention Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Introduced in 2015, Google developed this web component framework to speed up the load time of mobile pages to improve customer experience. It is an open-source project that enforces a limited set of coding options. 

Regarding AMP for Email, Google uses the same technical framework for a different purpose. The main goal is to add interactivity to emails rather than reduce the load time of your ecommerce website.

AMP emails let customers perform different actions directly in the email and remove the need to waste time navigating to other sites. The clients can book flights, order clothes, write reviews, verify accounts, answer questionnaires, and much more. In addition, AMP email for ecommerce will continue to evolve, and there will be an opportunity to see the entire transaction take place right in the inbox. 

What does dynamic email look like in action? 

The AMP framework includes the components that essentially are the building blocks for various experiences within the email. These components enable ecommerce customers to click through image resources, choose products from the list, see constantly updated visualizations, fill out the forms, etc. 

For example, ecommerce companies like Pinterest and Doodle were some of the first ones who implemented AMP for email into their business strategy: 

  • Pinterest allows you to pin the desired image and unfold the text to read more information without leaving the email;

  • Doodle simplifies the process of scheduling and utilizes the AMP format to schedule a meeting by allowing clients to reply and submit the form right in the email. 

Hence, AMP email for ecommerce websites can save a few more clicks, and make various processes more convenient and efficient for users. Considering the fact that sufficient customer experience is not the only benefit of AMP email, let's dive deeper into the main pros of the technology. 

5 vital advantages of AMP Email for ecommerce

After Google’s announced about AMP email, there was a heated discussion about whether or not the technology was going to improve the email communication or hinder it. Now, when a company implements AMP a variety of benefits can occur:

#1 See up-to-date information

The technology can help emails remain up-to-date, so there is no reason to send fresh messages every now and then. It also eases up a number of emails in the recipient’s inbox so they won't have a huge backlog of unread messages. 

#2 Surf the internet within email 

How many times per day do your customers click on something in an email that redirects them to another website? AMP email enables the recipient to skip a need for bouncing from page to page, as well as enabling them to complete all actions and tasks without leaving the inbox. 

#3 Run efficient marketing campaigns 

AMP for email provides you with an opportunity to create and send interactive emails that let your customers browse through image resources, reply to Google Docs comments, provide answers to surveys, schedule an appointment, and much more within the email. This functionality improves subscriber engagement by increasing the time spent on your emails.  

#4 Continue the checkout process

Ecommerce email marketers can take advantage of AMP to buy the products or services right within the email. Customers can look through the images, choose different variants like color/size/quantity, etc. and add the desired items to the shopping cart without switching to an online store. Plus, you can take this same practice and implement it for abandoned cart emails as well.

#5 Benefit from secure technology 

AMP for email limits the use of data from 3rd party services to make AMP emails secure. It also helps ecommerce customers feel more protected and safe as ad components are not allowed in AMP email functionality. 

What AMP extensions are out there?

By and large, the above-mentioned benefits of AMP email represent a number of valuable possibilities for online stores. Since AMP email is relatively new technology to the ecommerce market, we have found only several examples of AMP email extensions. Companies like Ecwid and Plumrocket have already introduced the modules of AMP for email. WooCommerce does not offer the AMP email functionality yet, but they are planning to release a plugin in the near future. 

These extensions can simplify the process of AMP email implementation into business strategy, as well as offer efficient features to help you send interactive emails to the clients effortlessly. For example, with Magento 2 AMP Email Extension provided by Plumrocket, you can create AMP email from scratch or take advantage of built-in Google AMP templates for making your emails more engaging.  

Wrapping up 

Implementing AMP email technology into your ecommerce business can not only create a more interactive and engaging environment, but it may also help you bring the email communication to the next level and boost sales.

So, take the above-mentioned information into consideration, analyze the importance of AMP email for ecommerce, and open up new business opportunities by running the dynamic marketing campaigns. 

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Nataliia Matsyk is a marketing manager and ecommerce specialist at Plumrocket Inc. Being open-minded, she always pursues to learn new things and share her knowledge with others.

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