Mailgun verifications features improved performance for EU customers

We are excited to announce that Mailgun Verifications are now available in the EU. Read more...



It’s no secret the world runs on email, and collecting valid email addresses is incredibly important if you want to, you know, actually reach real and interested people. Whether you’re collecting signups for your SaaS product or subscribers for your newsletter, collecting accurate email addresses is vital for both a healthy email program and an excellent customer experience. We’ve got you covered – in fact, customers like Cinemark have chosen Mailgun Verifications for its performance and accuracy in validating email addresses to send ticket confirmations for their theaters. 

In 2018, we released our EU regional support for our sending platform, and since then we’ve had requests to deploy our verifications infrastructure in the EU as well. Well, those requests have been answered – we are excited to announce that Mailgun Verifications are now available in the EU. Our verifications service was already the fastest and most accurate in the industry, and now our EU customers can enjoy even better performance than they were seeing before.  

Our new EU infrastructure enables us to provide lower latency on validation requests if you hit the EU endpoint ( With reduced latency, you should feel confident integrating our single verification API into your signup forms to validate a user's email address in real time. For customers with custom plans, you will have the added assurance of our single verification performance SLA, which has now been updated to include the EU. Our performance SLA guarantees that at least 95% of all validations will receive a response within 200ms if we have cached the address.

We don't just care about the speed and accuracy of validations, we also care about compliance. No worries here – just like our other Mailgun products, all validations are 100% GDPR-compliant, and you can rely on us as your data processor in the EU. To find out more about our GDPR processes, please read our GDPR documentation.

EU regional support is available on the Foundation, Growth, Scale and Custom plans. To learn more about enabling the use of EU endpoints, you can learn more in our documentation.

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