Microsoft SNDS is now available in InboxReady

Managing email deliverability can be a daunting task. If something goes wrong, it can be hard to identify the root cause with so many different factors at play. But one of the easiest ways to monitor email deliverability is via your sender reputation.



Similar to a credit score, your sender reputation is a score associated with your domain/IP that mailbox providers use to judge you as a sender based on your sending practices and determine your success as a sender.

What is Microsoft SNDS?

Microsoft offers a free postmaster service called SNDS (Smart Network Data Services) that provides senders with insight into their email program that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. To go along with our other integrations, like Google Postmaster Tools, Microsoft SNDS is now available directly within InboxReady. Using this integration, senders can now access data that comes directly – and exclusively – from Micorosoft mailboxes like Hotmail and Outlook.

This information can help senders monitor metrics and make informed decisions about their email program to help drive successful outcomes.

How does the Microsoft SNDS integration work?

And while Microsoft SDNS is a free tool, we are proud to offer an integration directly with InboxReady you you can manage all of your most essential email testing and monitoring all in one convenient location. InboxReady now offers direct integrations with both Google Postmaster Tools and Microsoft SNDS so you can have a comprehensive look across major providers at how they are judging you email. Within InboxReady you will be able to monitor the following metrics for your Microsoft accounts:

  • spam complaint rate

  • message filter result (IP reputation)

  • spam trap hits

  • IP blocklists data

What does our Microsoft SNDS integration do for you?

In the email deliverability game, monitoring is everything. The more data you have access to the easier it is to find and fix issues that would otherwise cause major disruptions. With the addition of Microsoft SNDS to InboxReady, you can now monitor essential email data points in one convenient location with all of your other testing and monitoring tools. This not only simplifies your email program but also helps drive more favorable outcomes through insight and action.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply sign up with an InboxReady starter account and begin the integration process.

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