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What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the act of promoting a product, selling a service, telling a story, or connecting with an audience through email. A marketing email is a one-to-many communication from an organization to a mailing list of customers and prospects. Email marketing can be a very cost effective way to reach, engage, and retain your customers. Of course, that requires that you send the right email to the right people at the right time. Working with email marketing services can help you send email campaigns that are effective and ensure successful email delivery.


Types of Email Marketing

Some of the most common forms of email marketing include newsletters, blog emails, nurture emails, retention emails, and promotional emails with special offers. Marketing is all about getting people to know and trust your brand, and email is one of the most effective ways to do that. Mailgun and Mailjet's suite of solutions is designed to help large and small businesses optimize their email marketing automation with deliverability tools and reputation-focused products.

Strategies for Your Marketing Emails

Improving your email marketing campaigns involves many moving parts including reliable email list management, robust deliverability practices, and of course, the responsive email design and content itself. Once you’ve sent a message, you can track performance and apply learnings from analytics going forward.

Here are some of the key strategies that email marketing services can help embrace:


The best email marketing is targeted and personalized.

Sending the same email to your entire list is not going to have great results, just like posting the same message to all your social media channels isn’t the most effective practice. Ideally, the content should be tailored and segmented based on where your users are in the sales funnel, how they’ve engaged with your company, and the preferences they select on your email signup forms. Mailjet’s email marketing solution includes a number of recipient variables that you can integrate into your email templates to achieve a highly personalized experience for your recipients.


A/B testing helps you discover what resonates with your audience.

If you’re not sure how to get recipients to click through to your landing pages, testing can help. For instance, you can try different subject lines or two different email templates. When A/B testing, Mailjet’s email service offers up to 10 different versions of your email campaigns, so you can see which has the best email marketing result. Using Mailjet's Inbox Preview, you can also see exactly how your email is going to display in popular email clients like Gmail or Apple Mail.

Pinpoint the best time to send emails

Optimal Send Times

Get the timing and frequency right. It’s a delicate balance between trying to stay on your audience’s radar and bombarding them with too much email marketing. Each contact's behavior is unique, so why treat them all the same? Mailgun’s Send Time Optimization delivers each email to your customer when it's the perfect time for them, based on that specific user's previous engagement with other Mailgun emails. Never guess again - make sure you engage with all your Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo emails, and more. STO supports every inbox provider.

Alternatively, Mailjet's email analytics can help you find patterns when it comes to opens and clicks so you can determine the optimal day, time, and frequency for your messaging. Send Time Optimization is coming soon to Mailjet.


Put yourself in your reader’s shoes.

All sorts of email marketing messages are clogging up inboxes. To improve your open rates, you must be strategic and make your recipients want to open your email marketing messages. For instance, email newsletters that are chock full of helpful tips and resources might be more effective for your audience than sales promos. Once you’ve earned trust and a captive audience, recipients may be more inclined to open up emails that are more promotional in nature.


Finding An Email Marketing Service

From email templates to A/B testing to advanced analytics that examine open rates and other metrics, email marketing service providers can work all the behind-the-scenes magic so your recipients not only receive your messages, but look forward to reading them.

When you’re looking for a platform to send marketing emails, there are some features you can’t live without. Automation, Segmentation and A/B Testing are a must, and time-saving and ideation ease are game changers for email programs. Mailjet has worked to build the ideal email solution for email marketing teams. The drag and drop is the most advanced on the market with unique features like Real-Time Collaboration with your colleagues and Comments right inside the email builder.

If you need to create beautiful emails effortlessly and send bulk messages with high deliverability, Mailjet’s email marketing solution is a perfect fit for you.

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Why Mailjet Works for Email Marketing

Additional email marketing tools and support you’ll get when you sign up for Mailjet include:

Scalability – Our technology can handle your email marketing needs, whether that’s 10 emails or 10 million. Even better, you can separate each type of email (email newsletters, transactional emails, etc.) by domain and IP address so you can build a positive reputation for better deliverability.

Personalization – From the look of your emails to the content they contain, Mailjet’s Recipient Variables and Dynamic Content help you personalize email campaigns for each user segment and individual.

Email support – Every Mailgun and Mailjet customer can contact our dedicated customer service team for onboarding help, questions, troubleshooting, and more. You can also ask about a number of other support options including an online help center library, calling phone support, starting a live chat, or submitting a support ticket.

Deliverability – Before your message is even created, you’ll need a strong mailing list. We can verify each and every email address to make sure its legit, which protects your sender reputation. As part of our managed service, we also provide ongoing deliverability consulting and proactive strategy help tailored to your specific use case.

Analytics – It’s important that your email marketing software provides real-time updates on how your mass emails perform. That’s the only way you will be able to grasp which types of email marketing campaigns are working best for you. See opens, clicks, performance by mailbox provider, device types, and more with Mailjet.

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