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Free email list management makes sending transactional emails and marketing campaigns less of a pain. With validations and mailing lists, Mailgun helps you build a better list.

Why it matters for email success

You might have great email content and a well-designed email template, but without smart email list management, your efforts are futile. The whole point of sending email messages out to your contact lists is for them to receive it, engage with it, and click through to your landing pages.

Free email list management is something that’s much easier to accomplish with an email marketing service.

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Finding the best list management solution

To optimize email delivery rates, small businesses often look for third-party email marketing platforms and email marketing services that provide free accounts with real-time analytics and excellent deliverability.

Mailgun's platform offers useful features that scale with you, so as you grow, you can send unlimited emails at a great price. And Mailgun gives you excellent customer service at every level.

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Best practices of email list management

Managing your mailing list requires that you first have a solid list of contacts who want to hear from you. Purchasing or renting a bunch of email addresses is never a good use of your budget. You want users to opt in to your email newsletters, and the best email marketing tools require users to have permission-based lists.

To make sure you have the right email addresses, you can add email validation to your sign-up forms. Email validation helps ensure that the addresses on your mailing list are valid and error-free so they won’t bounce.

With ISP feedback and automatic suppression’s, you can continually monitor and make updates to your email list to improve open rates for your email campaigns and protect your reputation.

Here’s a closer look at how email marketing services can help you avoid building weak email lists:

Features of a great email list service

Anticipate user errors. Sometimes user errors happen, such as mistyping the name of the email service provider (like instead of With the right solution, that email can be salvaged. For instance, with Mailgun’s email verification tool, user-entry errors can be caught on sign-up forms. As users enter their information, integrated custom grammar checks in our email validator will catch the most common errors and offer suggestions.

Respect the wishes of email recipients who unsubscribe or report your messages as spam. From a user standpoint, it’s frustrating to receive email marketing messages or email newsletters that you don’t want. And not honoring requests to be removed from your email list will hurt your reputation. With Mailgun’s free service, those emails are automatically suppressed from your contact lists so you can have some peace of mind.

Removing hard bounces. These are addresses that have permanent errors and will never be able to receive your message. A free email list management tool like Mailgun will remove such addresses. Soft bounces, on the other hand, are addresses that might be down temporarily, so your email marketing software or list management provider can still attempt to redeliver. With its email verification tool, Mailgun also helps you reduce your bounce rate by flagging temporary and disposable emails on your email list.

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These features of email list management are especially important for a small business or startup that doesn’t have the in-house resources to manage its bulk email program and marketing automation. Without proper email list management, your intended message won’t get to your target audience.

Email list management is an ongoing process, even after your email addresses are collected. With the right editor and tools in place, all of your email campaigns, transactional emails, and email marketing messages will make it into the inboxes of people who want them.

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