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Common technical terms in email

Stay current and expand your email knowledge with our list of common technical terms.

POP server

Post Office Protocol (POP) is a standard protocol, like Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), responsible for retrieving emails from an email server to deliver them to recipients’ inboxes. A POP server is a special type of email server responsible for syncing Gmail messages with compatible email clients, like Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, or Thunderbird. It allows recipients to use single sign-on for all email accounts, providing them access to all their email accounts from one email client.

The main difference between POP and IMAPis that POP retrieves emails from the POP server and stores them on the device used for retrieval, making the recipient responsible for deleting the emails. IMAP retrieves emails but temporarily stores them on the server itself, allowing recipients to look for emails from any device.

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