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Building the Best Email Experience for Creators - Flipsnack’s Story

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When it came to their transactional emails, Flipsnack’s old email sending solution just wasn’t cutting it anymore for themselves or for their customers. Flipsnack provides creators around the world with the ability to create stunning visuals from their constantly expanding library of designs for magazines, brochures, and other flip worthy materials.

Making the switch to a new Email Service Provider is a tough choice, but Flipsnack knew that they needed to make the change. They decided to switch to Mailgun back in 2017, and have been sending their transactional emails with us ever since. Diana Lascu, Flipsnack’s Email Marketing Manager, gave us some more details as to why they needed to make the switch.

What brought you to Mailgun?

Prior to Mailgun, we were using Google. What made us switch from Google to another ESP was the fact that we were restricted to a certain number of emails, we didn’t have a dedicated IP and also no statistics. 

We researched into other ESPs, checked into a few. Mailgun was the one we chose. It was a mixture of pricing and the fact that we really wanted a dedicated IP and statistics, within our budget. Mailgun checked all of these boxes, and we’re really pleased with the services.

What other options did you evaluate before deciding to work with Mailgun?

We conducted an exhaustive research to see which ESP would best fit our needs (GetVero, Mailchimp, Mailjet, SendGrid, and a few others). In the end, we decided that Mailgun would be the best choice.

How does email play a role in your broader business initiatives?

Email is one of our most powerful marketing and communications tool. Not only is it the main channel to reach our users, but it also allows us to tailor different messages to different audiences, and send them instantly at the best time. 

Transactional emails in particular play such an important role in our company as they are some of the first messages our users receive from our part. While they might not be the most fun and interesting emails all the time, they provide information and certainty by confirming an action our end user has taken or hasn’t taken in the case of fraudulent activity. They keep our users at ease, and that’s something we really value as a company.

But this was only the beginning of Flipsnack’s journey. To learn more about their successes with Mailgun, click here.

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Last updated on October 18, 2019

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