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The Future of Email: BIMI & AMP

Email is always evolving. That keeps email marketers on their toes, especially if they want to implement the latest tactics and technology. Two of the most-talked-about email marketing trends of recent years are Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) and AMP for Email.

Kate Nowrouzi
9 min read
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Email’s Best of 2019

If you were to look back at digital communications a decade or two ago, you would find that email dominated the market – not text. The email has evolved from a 1:1 communication channel to one that is largely used for marketing messages. People have moved away from using email as a way to contact someone and instead moved their chatter to other platforms like SMS, Slack, Instagram, Messenger, etc.

Kate Nowrouzi
4 min read
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Different ways to build AMP emails

A fair amount of discussion is being dedicated to AMP emails and how dynamic emails will affect email marketing moving forward. All this to say, plenty of senders are starting to consider adding AMP emails to their marketing email campaigns.

Hanna Kuznietsova
5 min read
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5 Benefits of AMP Email for E-commerce

Over the past decade, the evolvement of SEO, social media, and mobile have been tremendous. But despite all the hype given to emerging technology innovations, email remains one of the most effective and reliable tools for e-commerce businesses to communicate with the clients and customers.

Nataliia Matsyk
6 min read
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Mailgun now supports AMP for Email

Chances are you’ve probably heard about Google bringing Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP) support for Gmail. AMP gives digital marketers and email senders the ability to create dynamic and actionable emails for their recipients.

Chris Farmer
3 min read

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